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-====== LiteSpeed Cache for PrestaShop Configuration ====== +~~REDIRECT>​https://docs.litespeedtech.com/lscache/​lscps/​settings/​~~
- +
-{{:litespeed_wiki:​cache:​lscps:​litespeed-prestashop-cache-plugin-configuration-1.png|}} +
- +
-===== General ===== +
-  * **Enable LiteSpeed Cache**: Must be set to ''​YES''​ to use LiteSpeed Cache. +
-  * **Default Public Cache TTL**: Default timeout for publicly cached pages. Recommended value is ''​86400''​. +
-  * **Default Private Cache TTL**: Default timeout for private cache ESI blocks. Suggested value is ''​1800''​. Must be less than ''​7200''​. +
-  * **Home Page TTL**: Default timeout for the home page. If you have random displayed items, you can have shorter TTL to make it refresh more often. +
-  * **404 Pages TTL**: Default timeout for all 404 (Not found) pages. ''​0''​ will disable caching for 404 pages. +
-  * **Separate Mobile View**: Enable this if you have a separate mobile theme. +
-  * **Separate Cache Copy per Customer Group**: Enable this option if there is different pricing based on customer groups. +
-  * **Flush Product and Categories When Order Placed**: Determines how changes in product quantity and stock status affect product pages and their associated category pages. +
-  * **Enable Guest Mode**: This will speed up the first page view for new visitors by serving the default view. Robots will get an instant response without hitting the backend. If you have different views based on GeoIP, select ''​First Page Only''​ to make sure the second page will have the correct view. +
- +
-===== User-Defined Cache Rules ===== +
-You only need to set a page as NOT-CACHEABLE if it is being cached by default. +
- +
-  * **Do-Not-Cache GET Parameters**:​ Comma-separated list of GET variables that prevents caching URLs within Cacheable Routes. +
-  * **URL Blacklist**:​ List of relative URLs contained in Cacheable Routes to be excluded from caching. They start with ''​/''​ and don’t include the domain name. Partial matches can be performed by adding an ''​*''​ to the end of a URL. Enter one relative URL per line. +
- +
-===== Developer Testing ===== +
-  * **Enable Cache Only for Listed IPs**: Limit LiteSpeed Cache to specified IPs. (Space or comma separated.) Allows cache testing on a live site. If empty, cache will be served to everyone. +
-  * **Enable Debug Log**: Prints additional information to ''​lscache.log''​. Turn off for production use. +
-  * **Log Only for Listed IPs**: Only log activities from specified IPs. (Space or comma separated.) If empty, all activities will be logged. Only effective when debug log is enabled. +
-  * **Debug Level**: Specifies log level ranging from ''​1''​ to ''​10''​. The higher the value, the more detailed the output.+
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