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-====== Translating LiteSpeed Cache for PrestaShop ====== +~~REDIRECT>https://docs.litespeedtech.com/​lscache/lscps/settings/~~
-LSCPS is written in United States English, and so we rely our our international users to help us translate the plugin for worldwide use. If you are fluent in a language other than English (US), and you have a few minutes to contribute to our plugin, we would appreciate it! Even if you don't want to share your localization efforts with the larger community, you can use these instructions to create a personalized translation for your own use. +
- +
-===== Is Your Language Needed? ===== +
-If we have a translation available in your language, it will come packaged with LSCPS. If you are still seeing the plugin interface in English, or, if the translation into your language is incomplete or incorrect in some way, we can definitely use your expertise. +
- +
-===== How to Create a Translation ===== +
-From the PrestaShop Admin, navigate to **International ​Translations**. +
- +
-{{:litespeed_wiki:​cache:​lscps:​lscps-translate-01.png?​direct&​799|}} +
- +
-For **Type of translation**,​ select ''​Installed modules translations''​. A **Select your module** box will appear. Click on that and look for ''​LiteSpeed Cache''​. You can type it in the search box, if you have a lot of modules to scroll through. +
- +
-Choose your language from the **Select your language** drop-down box. You can only do a translation for languages that you have already installed in PrestaShop. In our example, we have English and Spanish installed, and we are selecting ''​Español (Spanish)''​. +
- +
-Click the **Modify** button. +
- +
-{{:​litespeed_wiki:​cache:​lscps:​lscps-translate-02.png?​direct&​799|}} +
- +
-Begin translating! Once a section has been completed and saved, the pink boxes turn pale gray, and the **EXPRESSIONS** count is decreased accordingly. In our example, we;ve translated and saved the **LITESPEEDCACHE** section, but we've only just started working on the **ADMINLITESPEEDCACHECONFIGCONTROLLER** section. +
- +
-Enter the translations for as many expressions as you know, and then press the **Save** button. +
- +
-===== Now What? ===== +
-Your string translations are stored in ''​modules/litespeedcache/translations/<​language>​.php'',​ where "<​language>"​ is the two-character code (for example, ''​es.php''​ for Spanish). If you are satisfied with your translation and you'd like to share it with the PrestaShop community, it's as simple as sharing the php file with LiteSpeed. Get in touch with us via [[info@litespeedtech.com|email]] or [[https://goo.gl/FG9S4N|slack]],​ and let us know you have a new language to share. +
- +
-Thank you for helping us make LSCPW accessible for a global audience!+
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