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-====== ​Prestashop Internal cache may lead to poor pagespeed insights sore ====== +====== ​PageSpeed Insights Zero Score ====== 
-After LiteSpeed ​cache for Prestashop enabled, the user see very fast loading speed as 464 ms for TTFB through the browser. Also Gtmetrix and Pingdom work well. However [[https://​developers.google.com/​speed/​pagespeed/​insights/​|google ​PageSpeed Insights]] constantly shows ''​0''​ result+PrestaShop'​s internal ​cache may lead to a zero PageSpeed Insights ​score.
-Google states: ''​Lighthouse returns a Performance score between 0 and 100. 0 is the lowest possible score. A 0 score usually indicates an error in Lighthouse. If you see a 0 score repeatedly, please file a bug on the Lighthouse repo.''​ from [[https://​developers.google.com/​web/tools/lighthouse/v3/scoring|here]]. +===== Example ===== 
 +After LiteSpeed Cache for PrestaShop ​is enabled, ​you see a very fast loading speed (464ms) for TTFB through ​the browser. Also Gtmetrix and Pingdom show good resultsHowever ​[[https://​developers.google.com/​speed/pagespeed/insights/|Google'​s PageSpeed Insights]] consistently gives a ''​0''​ result
-It looks like something wrong there+Google [[https://​developers.google.com/​web/​tools/​lighthouse/​v3/​scoring|states]]:​  
 +> Lighthouse returns a Performance score between 0 and 100. 0 is the lowest possible score. A 0 score usually indicates an error in Lighthouse. If you see a 0 score repeatedly, please file a bug on the Lighthouse repo
-Please beware that Prestashop has internal smarty cache, which may lead to poor pagespeed insights sore, is nothing to do with LiteSpeed Cache for PrestaShop. Clear Prestashop internal cache then everything fine.+Lighthouse seems to be having difficulty ​with your PrestaShop ​site.
-Steps: ​PrestaShop Admin-> Advanced Parameters ​-> Performance ​-> Clear cache.+=====Solution===== 
 +PrestaShop has an internal cache, Smarty Cache, which may lead to this zero PageSpeed Insights score. It has nothing to do with LiteSpeed Cache for PrestaShop. If you clear PrestaShop'​s internal cache then everything should be fine. 
 +Navigate to **PrestaShop Admin > Advanced Parameters ​ > Performance** and press the **Clear cache** button.
 {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​cache:​lscps:​troubleshooting:​prestashop-internal-cache-clear.png?​800 |}} {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​cache:​lscps:​troubleshooting:​prestashop-internal-cache-clear.png?​800 |}}
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