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 +===== Crawler Fails to Generate Sitemap File =====
 +If you generate a sitemap but notice that the crawler **Size** is still ''​1''​ or ''​2'',​ you can try the following steps to debug the issue.
 +  - Verify that the sitemap URL works.
 +  - Verify that the URLs within the sitemap are available for public visit.
 +    - If the URLs are only private, that can cause a sitemap generation issue.
 +  - Verify ''/​wp-content/​plugins/​litespeed-cache/​var/​crawlermap*.data''​ exists.
 +    - If it doesn'​t exist, there may be a permission issue with one of the directories in the path.
 +  - Verify that the [[litespeed_wiki:​cache:​lscwp:​environment-report|environment]] ''​home_url''​ is identical to the home URL in Step 2. Keep in mind that ''<​nowiki>​http://​example.com/​test.html</​nowiki>''​ and ''<​nowiki>​https://​example.com/​test.html</​nowiki>''​ are different!
 +    - Fix by changing **LiteSpeed Cache > Settings > General > Site Address (URL)** to match the value in the sitemap.
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