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-====== LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress: Import/​Export ====== +~~REDIRECT>​https://​docs.litespeedtech.com/​lscache/​lscwp/​toolbox/~~
-**Please Note**: This wiki is valid for v2.9.x and below of the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress. If you are using v3.0 or above, please see [[https://​docs.litespeedtech.com/​lscache/​lscwp/​overview/|the new documentation]]. +
- +
-{{:​litespeed_wiki:​cache:​lscwp:​lscwp-importexport.png?​nolink|}} +
- +
-Use these functions to backup your LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress configuration to a local file, or restore it from one. +
- +
-Situations where this would come in handy: +
-  * You are making an experimental change. Save your original configuration so that you may restore it if your experiment doesn'​t go well. +
-  * You are moving from a development server to a live one. +
-  * You are migrating your installation to a new host. +
-  * You manage several WP sites and you'd like to cache them all with the same settings. +
- +
-Note: If you export from one server and import into another, you will need to manually update any server-specific settings. For example, **Crawler > Site IP**, and **CDN > Original URL**. There may be other settings that vary from server to server, so have a quick look at all of the settings after you import! +
- +
-===== Export Settings ===== +
- +
-Simply press the **Export** button. A data file will be created and saved on your local device. The next time you visit the Import/​Export page, you will see a **Last exported** section that reminds you of the name of the most recently exported file and how long ago it was saved. +
- +
-===== Import Settings ===== +
- +
-Press the **Choose File** button to select a previously exported data file, and press **Import**. LSCWP will read the data file and //replace all of your existing settings// with the settings in the file. +
- +
-Please be careful with this! If you accidentally overwrite settings you meant to keep, there is no way to restore them, unless you have a sufficient backup system in place. +
- +
-===== Reset All Settings ===== +
- +
-If you'd like to start over with the default LSCache settings, press the **Reset** button. Be careful, though. Resetting your settings is permanent. We suggest you Export your settings first, before you Reset. +
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