LSCWP Information: Admin IP Commands

The following commands are available to the admin and do not require log-in, providing quick access to actions on the various pages:

  • NOCACHE - This is used to display a page without caching it. An example use case is to compare a cached version of a page with an uncached version.
  • PURGE - This is used to purge most cache tags associated with the page. The lone exception is the blog ID tag. Note that this means that pages with the same cache tag will be purged as well.
  • PURGESINGLE - This is used to purge the first cache tag associated with the page.
  • SHOWHEADERS - This is used to show all the cache headers associated with a page. This may be useful for debugging purposes.
  • before_optm - Use this parameter to view a page without any of the optimizations enabled.

To trigger the action for a page, access the page with the query string ?LSCWP_CTRL=ACTION.


Note: Actions are case-sensitive.

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  • Last modified: 2019/03/12 16:14
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