LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress Management: CDN

LSCache for WordPress provides a mechanism for managing certain external CDN accounts, eliminating the need for an extra plugin.

Before you can use the functions in this section, you will need to set up the Cloudflare API in the settings. Navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > Settings > CDN and set Cloudflare API to ON.

Once the API settings are saved, the elements of this area will be populated.

Cloudflare Domain

This is the domain that you have configured to be served by Cloudflare. It is informational only and cannot be changed here. If it is in error, you will need to fix it in your Cloudflare account.

Cloudflare Zone

This is the unique id that was assigned to your domain by Cloudflare. It is informational only and cannot be changed here. You can see it on your Cloudflare profile.

Development Mode

These buttons allow you to turn on Development Mode, turn it off, and check to see whether it is running. If you are making updates to your site, and want to verify that they are working as planned, Development Mode allows you to temporarily disable Cloudflare so that you may see your updates in realtime.

After three hours, Development Mode will turn itself off, or you can turn it off manually via the button provided.


Press this button to purge your Cloudflare cache on demand. This is helpful if you have made changes that result in an LSCache purge, and you want to make sure Cloudflare is up-to-date.

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