The Browser Displays Stale Content

Older cached versions of updated pages are being served. We've checked the response headers for the X-LiteSpeed-Cache line, and it is not found. This indicates that the page is not coming from LiteSpeed's cache, even though it should be.

The page is being served from the browser cache due to cache rules present in .htaccess (most likely in the WordPress root directory).

If .htaccess contains an ExpiresDefault cache rule, or an ExpiresByType text/html cache rule that is not set to 0 seconds, the copy stored by the browser cache will be served. The page will never be requested from LiteSpeed. Because the browser cache lacks the advanced purging rules that are the backbone of LiteSpeed's accuracy, this can result in stale content being served.

If you have no other cache plugins installed, and you have no interest in using a browser cache, then you can safely remove any of the ExpiresDefault or ExpiresByType lines.

If you want to leave the existing browser caching functionality in place, you'll need to specifically exclude the pages that are handled by LiteSpeed Cache. Add the following line above the ExpiresDefault line:

ExpiresByType text/html "access plus 0 seconds"

If the ExpiresByType text/html rule already exists, edit it so that it matches the line above.

This rule will make it so that the pages that are cached by LSCWP are not included in the browser cache, but any other browser-cache behavior will remain unchanged.

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  • Last modified: 2017/08/07 19:55
  • by Lisa Clarke