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 {{:​litespeed_wiki:​cache:​lscwp:​troubleshooting:​img-opt1.png|}} {{:​litespeed_wiki:​cache:​lscwp:​troubleshooting:​img-opt1.png|}}
 +Other things you may need to check:
 +  - Security plugins may interfere in the image optimization process. Try disabling your security plugin temporarily ​
 +  - Plugins that control page access, like maintenance mode, spam shield, additional authentications page, HTTP/HTTPS alteration, hot-link protection rewrite rule, etc. could also interfere with image optimization. If you have these, try disabling them temporarily.
 ===== Too Many Errors ===== ===== Too Many Errors =====
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 Update or repair the WordPress database. Update or repair the WordPress database.
 +===== cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 15001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received ​ =====
 +==== Error Details ====
 +Firewall blocked curl communication to our image optimization servers.
 +==== Solution ====
 +Add our image optimization server [[https://​wp.api.litespeedtech.com/​ips|IPs]] to firewall white-list.
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