LiteSpeed Cache is Disabled Warning

If you see a warning that indicates LiteSpeed Cache is disabled, the warning itself may give a clue as to the source of the problem.

This indicates that cache is turned off at the highest level. You will need to configure your server, or have your hosting provider do it for you.

This indicates that you haven't turned on caching in the plugin settings. Do so, and the problem should be solved.

This is a generic error that doesn't indicate any cause. Navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > Report and look at the Report Summary. The Server Variables section right at the top can give you some helpful information. Check the values of the following variables:

  • LSCACHE_ADV_CACHE = true - If this value is NULL, look for the wp-content/advanced-cache.php file which should include the line define('LSCACHE_ADV_CACHE', true);. If the line exists, then it may be a permissions issue. Simply fix by removing the advanced-cache.php file, and deactivating and reactivating the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. The file will be correctly regenerated. NOTE: Sometimes you do this, and the plugin still doesn't work. In this case, Navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > Settings > Advanced and disable Check Advanced Cache.
  • LITESPEED_ON = true - If LSCACHE_ADV_CACHE = null, then this will always be NULL. Otherwise, if this value is NULL, it means that you are not running with LiteSpeed Web Server. This is allowed, but it limits the functions that you are able to use. Learn more.
  • LITESPEED_ON_IN_SETTING = true - If this value is NULL, navigate to the Settings > General page and set Enable LiteSpeed Cache to Enable
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