Welcome to LiteSpeed Web Cache Solution!

Our web cache solution is one of the fastest cache solutions in the world, and easy to deploy, configure and maintain.

LiteSpeed Web Cache Solution is composed of 3 components: LiteSpeed Web Server, Server built-in cache, Application Cache Plugin. These 3 components works seamlessly together and help our clients deliver the fastest sites. To deploy the cache solution, we need to install and configure the 3 components in sequence(step by step). Please follow through the steps below:

Component 1 - LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS)

LSWS is the backbone of the cache solution. It is a high performance event-driven server, a drop-in replacement for Apache, and coming with a GUI net admin page. LSWS installation is the same for all ENT versions. The functionality and module enable/disable is controlled through license. For our cache solution, you have to choose to include LSCache module or LiteMage Cache module in the license(buy new or upgrade existing license). Please refer to our license wiki page: License

LS Web Server :       (Overview)     Installation       Configuration       Troubleshooting         More

( If you already have lsws running as expected you can skip this step. Just go get the license if necessary)

Component 2 - LiteSpeed Cache / LiteMage Cache(for Magento)

Since LSCache is server built-in, no extra installation needed. We assume you already got the right license from step 1. In this step we will configure lscache.

Basically in this step we need to configure two things for cache: Cache storage settings(for server and vhosts), Cache Policy Setting. Other settings will be handled through the 3rd component: Application Plugin for cache.

We suggest user to disable LSCache in server level and enable for vhosts needed.

Please choose your env type from the following scenarios for this step:

cPanel/WHM	Single Site	Shared Hosting
Plesk	Single Site	Shared Hosting
Apache Config (No Control Panel)	Single Site	Shared Hosting
LiteSpeed Native	Single Site	Shared Hostin

Component 3 - Application Plugin for LSC

Currently we provide plugins for the following popular applications. The function of plugin is to configure the lscache specifically for that application and easy user cache management.(We assume you already got the application installed and running on lsws from step 1)

LiteMage Cache extension:   (Overview)      Installation    Configuration(Advanced, optional)      Troubleshooting     More
LSC Word Press Plugin:     (Overview)      Installation    Configuration(Advanced, optional)      Troubleshooting     More
LSC Xenforo Plugin:       (Overview)      Installation    Configuration(Advanced, optional)      Troubleshooting     More

After all the 3 components are set up the site should run on LSCache out-of-box in most cases. If you need any further customization please refer to the Advanced Configuration part, or contact us for any support.

Enjoy the journey !

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