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 ====== LiteSpeed Web Server Changelog ====== ====== LiteSpeed Web Server Changelog ======
 +===== Version 5.4.5 =====
 +=== Build 0 ===
 +  [New Feature] Added support for IETF HTTP/3 draft 25 (h3-25).
 +  [New Feature] Populate GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE environment variable using IP2Location database.
 +  [New Feature] Added full Captcha protection for WordPress login page.
 +  [New Feature] Optionally skip rewrite processing for Let's Encrypt verification requests.
 +  [New Feature] Automatically patch Set-Cookie with '​secure'​ flag when served over HTTPS.
 +  [Improvement] Added '​cssDecode'​ and '​utf8toUnicode'​ transformations to ModSecurity engine.
 +  [Improvement] Added support for '​REQUEST_SCHEME'​ request variable.
 +  [Improvement] Added '​-vb'​ command line option to print out version and build number.
 +  [Update] Updated WHM plugin to v3.3.7.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed websockets hanging on upgrade.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed a WebAdmin Console socket address validation bug.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed .htaccess configuration changes failing to apply for Python/​Ruby/​NodeJS applications.
 +  [Bug Fix] Environment variable names are no longer converted to uppercase for Apache SetEnv directive.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed a NodeJS wrapper script bug that failed to handle startup files with absolute paths.
 +  [Bug Fix] External application process startup time is now reliably detected.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed a minor regression with AHO string search.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug using wrong log ID in error log. 
 ===== Version 5.4.4 ===== ===== Version 5.4.4 =====
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