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 ====== LiteSpeed Web Server Changelog ====== ====== LiteSpeed Web Server Changelog ======
 +===== Version 6.0 =====
 +=== RC1 ===
 +  [Major New Feature] Apache 2.4 conditional context <If> <​Ifelse>​ <​Else>​ support.
 +  [Major New Feature] Asynchronous mod_security engine.
 +  [Major New Feature] Bubblewrap isolated CGI/PHP execution environments.
 +  [New Feature] HTTP/3 draft 29 support.
 +  [Major Enhancement] HTTP/2 has gone through a major rewrite with more efficient header handling.
 +  [Enhancement] Added ModSecurity JSON audit log.
 +===== Version 5.4.9 =====
 +=== Build 3 ===
 +  [New Feature] Allow LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin to use ESI combine sub-requests to improve ESI performance.
 +  [New Feature] Update cPanel plugin to automatically apply new ECC certificates generated through the plugin.
 +  [Bug Fix] Normalize IPv6 address to properly reuse existing listener sockets.
 +  [Bug Fix] Close down HTTP3/QUIC streams reset by peer in timely manner. ​
 +=== Build 2 ===
 +  [New Feature] New ForceSecureCookie configuration directive to enforce "​secure"​ and "​SameSite"​ cookie attributes. This directive can be set in an Apache config file at the server or vhost level, or in the document root directory'​s .htaccess file.
 +  [Bug Fix] Apply header operations for pages generated by python/​nodejs applications.
 +  [Bug Fix] Properly detect HTTP/2 GREASE frame and GREASE settings entry, avoiding protocol errors.
 +  [Tuning] Automatically detect and neutralize bad rewrite rules that cause looping proxy to the same server.
 +  [Tuning] Install alt-python38 wsgi-lsapi binary from source if rpm package is not available.
 +  [Bug Fix] Avoid releasing cache objects too early.
 +  [Bug Fix] Address a rare crash in ESI parser. ​
 +=== Build 1 ===
 +  [Feature] Apply Expires header to a partial response for a range request.
 +  [Bugfix] Force apply ACL configuration changes when client access level is cached in SHM.
 +  [Bugfix] For directory auto index, avoid a blank file name when special characters are in the name.
 +=== Build 0 ===
 +  [New Feature] WHM plugin 4.1 with Let's Encrypt ECC certificate support. QUIC.cloud integration with SSL certificates synchronization.
 +  [New Feature] Automatic CloudFlare CDN IP detection.
 +  [New Feature] Support for bcrypt password hash for HTTP authentication.
 +  [Improvement] PHP version detection for cPanel FCGId PHP handler.
 +===== Version 5.4.8 =====
 +=== Build 5 ===
 +  [Bug fix] Properly pass CHUNK encoded request body to script handler to address random file upload failure.
 +  [Bug fix] Addressed graceful restart failure when the server has many IPs in use and is forced to create listeners for individual IP.
 +=== Build 4 ===
 +  [New Feature] Control whether to wait for the full request body or not before passing requests to the request handler with new environment variable "​wait-req-full-body"​. (Waiting allows the request handler to see the full request body immediately)
 +  [Tuning] Increase reCAPTCHA verified status timeout from 1-hour to 1-day.
 +  [Tuning] Increase .htaccess processing time limit from 500ms to 2.5sec to allow for the processing of larger .htaccess files.
 +=== Build 3 ===
 +  [Bug Fix] LiteMage cache object count is now more accurate.
 +  [Bug Fix] Address a few compatibility issues with Plesk admin console proxy through regular HTTPS access.
 +  [Bug Fix] Cache statistics access through IPv6.
 +  [Improvement] Protect WebAdmin listener port from duplicate regular listener configuration.
 +  [Improvement] Add Plesk git integration support.
 +=== Build 2 ===
 +  [Bug Fix] Address 404 error for reCAPTCHA verification.
 +  [Bug Fix] '​SetEnv'​ directive is now properly applied inside <​Files>​ or <​FilesMatch>​ contexts. ​
 +=== Build 1 ===
 +  [Bug Fix] Correct DirectAdmin PHP handler detection when "​DirectAdmin"​ panel is selected under "​PHP"​ config tab.
 +  [Bug Fix] WebSocket ProxyPass configuration now works correctly inside the <​Location>​ context.
 +  [Bug Fix] Match Apache'​s Redirect behavior by discarding original query string if target URL has query string set.
 +=== Build 0 ===
 +  [New Feature] Add the ability to load an extra ECC certificate for an Apache virtual host when multi-cert support is enabled.
 +  [New Feature] Apply header modification configurations in .htaccess to dynamic responses for CloudLinux Python/​Ruby/​NodeJS selector application.
 +  [New Feature] Update client IP using request header "​X-Real-IP"​.
 +  [New Feature] Use Client IP in Header can now be set to use the last IP listed in the X-Forwarded-For header for servers behind AWS ELB.
 +  [Security] Block '​LD_*'​ environment variable overriding from .htaccess.
 +  [Improvement] New Ruby 2.0+ compatible RackRunner script for ruby-lsapi 5.0.
 +  [Improvement] Separate IPv4 and IPv6 virtual hosts now share cached pages for the same domain.
 +  [Improvement] Update WHM plugin to v4.0 (drops support for EasyApache 3).
 +  [Improvement] Make reCAPATCHA compatible with WordPress password protected pages.
 +  [Bug Fix] Invisible reCAPTCHA now works properly with IE 11 browser.
 +  [Bug Fix] Correct Magento LiteMage2 cache object statistics.
 +  [Bug Fix] Address an AJPv13 hanging bug.
 +  [Bug Fix] Enabling bandwidth throttling no longer causes rare HTTP/2 response hangs.
 +  [Bug Fix] Properly apply UMASK configuration for external applications.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fix a problem with Plesk log rotation when LSWS overrode Apache'​s rc script with a symbolic link.
 +  [Bug Fix] NodeJS default being not properly set in httpd_config.xml no longer causes crashing.
 +  [Bug Fix] Address cp_switch_ws.sh issues when switching back to Apache.
 ===== Version 5.4.7 ===== ===== Version 5.4.7 =====
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