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-==== Potential problem ​====+====== ​Disabling X-Sendfile in Ruby Apps ====== 
 +By default LiteSpeed supports X-Sendfile internal redirects for Ruby on Rails, but for shared hosting environments,​ that can trigger problems. For example, the user will not have permissions to access the Redmine directory.
-By default LiteSpeed support **X-Sendfile** internal redirects for Ruby on Rails but for shared hosting environment that can trigger problems like the fact that the user will not have permissions to access ​the redmine directory.+===== Solution ===== 
 +Go to your Redmine folder and put the following in the ''​.htaccess''​ file:
-==== Solution ==== +**Note:** This is an example for Redmine ​but you can use the same solution ​in //any// Ruby on Rails application.
- +
-Go to you redmine folder and put that in the **.htaccess** file: +
- +
-<​code>​ SetEnv RACK_NO_XSENDFILE 1 </​code>​ +
- +
- +
-==== Additionally information ==== +
- +
-This is an example for redmine ​but you can use that in any Ruby on Rails application.+
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