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 +====== How to use integrated AWstats log analyzer ======
 +AWStats can be used as an add-on module of LiteSpeed web server. It has been seamlessly integrated into our web administration Interface, and the configuration and statistical updates has been automated as well.
 +===== Installation =====
 +To install AWStats as an add-on module, please run script:
 +  lsws/​admin/​misc/​awstats_install.sh
 +This script will try to download the latest AWStats package from www.awstats.org,​ expand it under lsws/​add-ons/​ directory and create a symbolic link from "​./​awstats-x.x"​ to "​awstats"​. If it fails to download for any reason, you can manually do this step as well.
 +Next step is to enable AWStats add-on module for the virtual host that you would have AWStats analyze its access log.
 +From the Web Admin Interface, just select the virtual host on left, click "​Add-on"​ tab on the right, then fill in configurations in "​AWStats Integration"​ table. Configurations are
 +    * Update Mode: Disabled, Static or Dynamic.
 +    * Working Directory: The directory to be used to save AWStats configuration and statistical results.
 +    * AWStats URI: Where the statistical results can be accessed.
 +    * Site Domain: The main domain name of the virtual host.
 +    * Site Aliases: All possible add-on domains, aliases and IP addresses.
 +    * Update Interval: Hourly or Daily.
 +    * Update Offset: When to start the update.
 +    * Secured Connection: the result is access via HTTP or HTTPS.
 +    * Authentication Realm: To protect the result with authentication.
 +After applying the configuration changes, you can access the statistical results produced by AWStats by accessing the "​AWStats URI" you specified.
 +ATTENTION: The virtual host has to be configured with its own access log file in order to use AWStats integration.
 +===== Customize AWStats configuration file =====
 +AWStats configuration file is generated automatically based on a model configuration file /​conf/​awstats.model.conf,​ which is copied from lsws/​add-ons/​awstats/​wwwroot/​cgi-bin/​awstats.model.conf. The following configuration parameters are populated by LiteSpeed: ​
 +   * LogFile ​
 +   * LogType ​
 +   * LogFormat
 +   * SiteDomain
 +   * HostAliases
 +   * DirData
 +   * DirConfig ​
 +   * DirIcons ​
 +Other parameters can be customized by changing awstats.model.conf.
 +NOTE: Never edit the destination configuration file as it is always overwritten by LiteSpeed before invoking AWStats updates. ​
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