Disabling Brotli Compression Server Wide

Beginning with LiteSpeed Web Server version 5.2, brotli, a new compression method, is now supported and enabled by default.

Note: If your browser does not yet support brotli compression, LiteSpeed will automatically default back to gzip. As such, we only recommend disabling brotli if encountering issues.

While useful for reducing the size of static web pages, brotli compression can sometimes cause issues with web pages containing pre-compressed content, such as gzip-compressed PHP. In these cases it may be desirable to disable brotli server wide, which can be accomplished with the following steps.

  1. Log in to the LiteSpeed WebAdmin Console

  2. Navigate to Configuration > Server > Tuning

  3. Scroll down to Brotli Compression and click Edit.

  4. Set Enable Brotli Compression to No

  5. Save and perform a Graceful Restart to apply the change.

Brotli compression should now be disabled server wide.

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  • Last modified: 2017/10/24 19:23
  • by Lisa Clarke