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 ====== Brotli ====== ====== Brotli ======
-Brotli is a generic-purpose lossless ​compression algorithm ​that compresses data using combination ​of a modern variant of the LZ77 algorithmHuffman coding ​and 2nd order context modelingwith compression ratio comparable ​to the best currently available general-purpose ​compression ​methodsIt is similar in speed with deflate but offers more dense compression.((https://github.com/google/brotli))+Brotli is a compression algorithm ​which, much like gzip/​deflate,​ reduces both file size and page load time. Brotli compression is supported starting in LiteSpeed Web Server v5.2 and it is enabled by default for secure static pages and [[litespeed_wiki:​cache:​common:​gzip-brotli-automatic-conversion|non-ESI dynamic pages]]. 
 +===== Disable Brotli Compression Server Wide ===== 
 +Beginning with LiteSpeed Web Server version 5.2, brotli, ​new compression method, is now supported and enabled by default.  
 +**Note:** If your browser does not yet support brotli compression,​ LiteSpeed will automatically default back to gzip. As such, we only recommend disabling brotli if encountering issues. 
 +While useful for reducing the size of static web pages, brotli compression can sometimes cause issues with web pages containing pre-compressed content, such as gzip-compressed PHP. In these cases it may be desirable to disable brotli server wide, which can be accomplished with the following steps. 
 +==== Instructions ==== 
 +  - Log in to the LiteSpeed WebAdmin Console\\ \\ {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​config:​brotli:​brotli-server-1.png?​nolink&​400 |}} 
 +  - Navigate to **Configuration > Server > Tuning**\\ \\ {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​config:​brotli:​brotli-server-2.png?​nolink&​800 |}} 
 +  - Scroll down to **Brotli Compression** and click **Edit**.\\ \\ {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​config:​brotli:​brotli-server-3.png?​nolink&​800 |}} 
 +  - Set **Enable Brotli Compression** to ''​No''​\\ \\ {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​config:​brotli:​brotli-server-4.png?​nolink&​800 |}} 
 +  - Save and perform ​Graceful Restart to apply the change.\\ \\ {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​config:​brotli:​brotli-5.png?​nolink&​800 |}} \\ {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​config:​brotli:​brotli-6.png?​nolink&​800 |}} 
 +Brotli compression should now be disabled server wide. 
 +===== Disable Brotli Compression on a Per Account/​Domain Basis ===== 
 +As of LiteSpeed Web Server v5.2.2Brotli compression can be disabled on a per account/​domain basis through Apache configuration ​and .htaccess files. In previous versionsBrotli could only be disabled server wide. 
 +==== LiteSpeed Web Server ==== 
 +  - Log in to the  LSWS Web Admin GUI and navigate to **Configuration > Virtual Hosts**\\ \\ {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​config:​brotli:​brotli-1.png?​nolink&​800 |}} \\ 
 +  - Select ​virtual host and click on  the **General** tab\\ \\ {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​config:​brotli:​brotli-2.png?​nolink&​800 |}} \\ 
 +  - Scroll down to the **Apache Style Configurations** setting and click **Edit**\\ \\ {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​config:​brotli:​brotli-3.png?​nolink&​800 |}} \\ 
 +  - Add the following to the text box: ''​SetEnv no-brotli''​\\ \\ {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​config:​brotli:​brotli-4.png?​nolink&​800 |}} \\ 
 +  - Save and perform a Graceful Restart to apply these changes. The virtual host should no longer be using brotli ​compression.\\ \\ {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​config:​brotli:​brotli-5.png?​nolink&​800 |}} \\ {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​config:​brotli:​brotli-6.png?​nolink&​800 |}} 
 +==== cPanel/WHM ==== 
 +The ‘''​no-brotli''​’ tag can be enabled selectively through virtual host include files, such as: 
 +  * Without SSL: ''/​etc/​apache2/​conf.d/​userdata/​std/​2_4/​$USER/​yourdomain.com/​brotli.conf''​ 
 +  * With SSL: ''/​etc/​apache2/​conf.d/​userdata/​ssl/​2_4/​$USER/​yourdomain.com/​brotli.conf''​ 
 +By adding the following block: 
 +<​IfModule LiteSpeed>​ 
 +    SetEnv no-brotli 
 +Perform a Graceful Restart to apply these changes. The account should no longer be using brotli ​compression.\\ \\ 
 +**Note:** For more information on how to edit virtual host include files please see  [[https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/EA/​Modify+Virtualhost+Containers+With+Include+Files|How To Modify Virtualhost Containers With Include Files]] in cPanel documentation. 
 +==== .htaccess ==== 
 +To disable ​brotli ​compression via an ''​.htaccess''​ file, simply add: 
 +<​IfModule LiteSpeed>​ 
 +    SetEnv no-brotli 
 +This method allows brotli compression to be disabled for certain sub folders/​files without the need for a Graceful Restart.
-===== Configuration ===== 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​config:​brotli:​disable-per|Disable Brotli Per Account/​Domain]]|How to disable Brotli on a per Account/​Domain basis| 
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