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-====== LSWS 5.3 Improves rewrite Engine to match Apache behavior ​====== +====== ​Changes to Rewrite Engine in LSWS v5.3====== 
-There are some improvements on LSWS 5.rewrite ​Engine to match Apache ​behaviorHence some rewrite rules may work on LSWS 5.2.x but it may break after upgrading to 5.3.x. Don't worry, the purpose of the new changes is just to align the rewrite ​rules to match Apache behavior ​and generally some minor changes should fix the issue.+In previous versions of LiteSpeed Web Server (v5.2.x and lower), certain ​rewrite ​rules were processed differently than they were with Apache. LSWS v5.3 has addressed these inconsistenciesand now the LiteSpeed ​rewrite ​engine matches ​Apache behavior.
-For exampleLSWS 5.3 ignores "​RewriteBase /" ​in a subdirectory. If someone uses it as a featureit will break on LSWS 5.3 while it may work with 5.2.x and below version. The fix is to rewrite to absolute URL, instead of relative URL, or fix the rewrite base.+This is good newsand means better Apache compatibilityHowever, if you have previously relied on these differences ​in your own rewrite rulesyou may have rewrite rules that are now broken after upgrading to 5.3. Some minor changes should ​fix the issue.
-in /​home/​user1/​public_html/​sub1/​.htaccess ​ sub folder "sub1" ​of domain'​s ​the document root:+===== RewriteBase ===== 
 +LSWS 5.3 now ignores ''​RewriteBase /'' ​in a subdirectory (like Apache does). If you've previously used it as a feature with v5.2.x and lower, it will break when you upgrade to 5.3. 
 +To fix the problem, rewrite to the absolute URL instead of a relative URL, or fix the rewrite base. 
 +In ''​/​home/​user1/​public_html/​sub1/​.htaccess'',​ which is the ''​sub1''​ subfolder ​of the domain'​s document root:
   <​IfModule mod_rewrite.c>​   <​IfModule mod_rewrite.c>​
Line 12: Line 18:
   </​IfModule>​   </​IfModule>​
-For rewrite rule, you should not use ''​RewriteBase /''​ at subfolderThe fix is easy: just update the last rewrite rule to+Simply replace: 
 +  ​RewriteBase / 
 +  RewriteRule ^(.*) index.php [L]
   RewriteRule ^(.*) /index.php [L]   RewriteRule ^(.*) /index.php [L]
-The new rules are actually correct rules, which should ​work on both LSWS 5.3.xLSWS 5.2.x and Apache. ​ +This will work on both LSWS v5.3.x and LSWS v5.2.xand on Apache. ​
- +
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