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 ====== Mod Security FAQ for LiteSpeed Web Server ====== ====== Mod Security FAQ for LiteSpeed Web Server ======
-===== Does LSWS Support ​the "​@inspectFile"​ ? =====+===== Does LSWS Support "​@inspectFile"​ ? =====
-Yes, but please make sure that when use @inspectFile with 3rd-party scanner, the script returns ''​0''​ for block , and ''​1''​ for continue/​pass.+Yes, but please make sure when using @inspectFile with 3rd-party scanner, ​that the script returns ''​0''​ for block , and ''​1''​ for continue/​pass.
-Example code from mod_security ​[[https://​github.com/​SpiderLabs/​ModSecurity/​wiki/​Reference-Manual-%28v2.x%29#​inspectfile|reference manual]]:+Example code from the [[https://​github.com/​SpiderLabs/​ModSecurity/​wiki/​Reference-Manual-%28v2.x%29#​inspectfile|mod_security ​reference manual]]:
 <​code>​ <​code>​
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