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-====== Mod Security FAQ for LSWS ======+====== Mod Security FAQ for LiteSpeed Web Server ​====== 
 +===== Does LSWS Support the "​Concurrent"​ Type of Audit Log? ===== 
 +No. LiteSpeed Web Server only supports the **serial** mode for audit logging.  
 +A concurrent-mode audit log is only useful for servers like Apache which is process-driven and has multiple processes that may change UID. LiteSpeed is event-driven,​ and as such, concurrent mode is not needed.
-===== Does LSWS support "​concurrent"​ type of Audit log? ===== 
-No. LSWS currently only supports the serial mode for audit logging. Since LiteSpeed is event-driven,​ not like Apache, which that can have multiple processes and could change UID. 
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