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-When a visitor accesses the website , they will need to go though reCAPTCHA validation ​to protect ​against ​a DDoS attack such as HTTP Flood.+When a visitor accesses the website, they will need to go though reCAPTCHA validation. This validation protects the server ​against HTTP Flood and other DDoS attacks.
-Once visitor successfully passed ​reCAPTCHA, ​there will be about 20 minutes of white-list time, which means if this user continues browser ​the site, it won't hit reCATPCHA again for better user experience, unless ​visitor has been inactive for more than 20 minutes ​since last request.+After passing the reCAPTCHA ​validationthe visitor is temporarily whitelisted as long as they continue to browse ​the site. This makes for better user experience. Once the visitor has been inactive for more than 20 minutes, reCAPTCHA is once again enabled for that visitor'​s next request.
 {{:​litespeed_wiki:​config:​recaptcha3.jpg|}} {{:​litespeed_wiki:​config:​recaptcha3.jpg|}}
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 Active connections * 100 / **Max Connections** > (100 - **Trigger Sensitivity**) Active connections * 100 / **Max Connections** > (100 - **Trigger Sensitivity**)
-For example ​you have max connection set to 1000 , and trigger sensitivity to 20, and currently ​you have 900 connection ​, so in that case+For example
 +If **Max Connections** = ''​1000''​**Trigger Sensitivity** = ''​20''​, and you currently have 900 connectionsthe formula would be evaluated like so:
-900*100/​1000 > 100 - 20+900 * 100 / 1000 > 100 - 20
 90 > 80  90 > 80 
-so the incoming connection will get reCAPTCHA test.+The result is true, so the incoming connection ​//will// be given a reCAPTCHA test.
-and calculates backward ​, you will see that when connection is under 800, user won't hit reCAPTCHA ​test.+Calculating backwards, you can see that when the number of connections drops to less than 800, reCAPTCHA ​will not be invoked.
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