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 +====== Uninstall LSWS and LiteSpeed plugin for WHM/cPanel ======
 +If you don't need LSWS anymore, you can always switch to apache without uninstalling LSWS. You can switch to apache through plugin, or through the following command:
 +  /​usr/​local/​lsws/​admin/​misc/​cp_switch_ws.sh apache
 +  ​
 +If you would like to uninstall LSWS, switch to apache first, then you can uninstall LiteSpeed web server from the plugin.
 +If you want to remove the plugin completely after uninstallation of LSWS, you can run the following command:
 +  /​usr/​local/​cpanel/​whostmgr/​docroot/​cgi/​lsws/​lsws_whm_plugin_uninstall.sh
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