Choosing A LicenseHow to choose a license that fits your needs
Command ReferenceQuick Reference for All Commands
Trial LicenseHow to get a trial license and related information about trial versions
Activating A LicenseHow to activate a new license on a new or existing installation
Transfer/Release LicenseHow to transfer or release an existing license so it can be used on another server
Upgrade/Downgrade LicenseHow to upgrade or downgrade your current license
Yearly Upgrade for Owned LicenseThe yearly upgrade for owned licenses allows you to keep upgrading your version of LSWS
Cancel a licenseHow to cancel my leased license
All about LicensesOther FAQ regarding licenses
Upgrade LSWS to paid versionHow to upgrade LiteSpeed Web Server from Standard Edition (free) to Enterprise Edition (paid)
Purchase LSCache as ModuleAdd page caching to a VPS, Ultra VPS, or 1-CPU license
If my Server IP change, are there any changes I need to do for my license?What should I do with my LSWS license if I change my server IP?
How to change license on cpanel?Upgrade/Downgrade/Change license on cpanel/WHM

License Errors

Upgrade Server Failed With License Error“[ERROR] You are not authorized to use this binary, please purchase upgrades.”
VPS or Ultra VPS license has reached its limit“[ERROR] VPS license cannot be used on non VPS server.”
Trial License Failure“ERR LCT.2: Your trial period has terminated”
Incorrect license key“[ERROR] [LICENSE] License key operation failure: EXCEPTION LCA.2: fail to process”
Migrate a license“The maximum number of server(s) can be installed with this serial number has been reached. “
What to do when failed to contact license server?“Failed to contact license server”, What to check?
New license type needs LSWS 5.3 to run“ERR LC.V: New license type is not supported prior to 5.3”
Can not determine installation root of LSWS when activating license“Can't determine the Home of LiteSpeed Web Server”
How to do with locked IP license error?“IP does not match locked IP”
My owned license errors out "fail to decrypt license key received" on a old LSWS version“fail to decrypt license key received”
Newly installed LSWS on cpanel with a site owner license could not be started,why? “Domain limit has been reached, domain limit: 5, total domains: xx”
"critical_alert" license error checker “lsws/logs/critical_alert” log file will show common license errors that could cause LSWS to stop working
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