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 +======License Cancellation======
 +=====You can cancel monthly leased license at any time=====
 +    * Please login to client area, go to "my products"​ - "​product detail"​ - "​request cancellation"​. You can choose "​immediate"​ cancel or "end of billing period"​.
 +    * There is no partial credit back if you cancel during your leased period. If you choose cancel "end of billing cycle",​ your license will be active till month end, otherwise, it will be terminated next day.
 +    * Invoice will be generated 3 days before the due date, if you send cancel request after the invoice generated, we'll adjust your pending invoice accordingly. As this requires manual process, please send in cancel request as early as possible; you can choose "end of billing cycle" option to use it till month end. But don't wait until month end and may affect your other active license payment. ​
 +    * If you have paypal subscription,​ you have to **go to your paypal acct to cancel the subscription**. Otherwise, paypal will continue sending in payment even the license has been cancelled.
 +=====For yearly leased license and owned license=====
 +    * If you cancel within 30 days of purchase due to LiteSpeed does not meet your need, our support staff will be happy to help you to trouble shoot your issue or tune your configuration. If you still have to cancel, you can request refund within 30 days. After 30 days, there is no refund. ​  
 +    * If you cancel your yearly leased license, or cancel your yearly upgrade add-on for owned license, there is no partial credit back. Choose monthly leased license if you are not sure if you need it in the long run. Cancellation steps are same as the above monthly leased license.
 +    * Instead of cancellation,​ you can instead sell or transfer your license to other people if you no longer need it. We can [[litespeed_wiki:​licenses:​transfer-or-release-a-license|process your transfer]] for a small processing fee.
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