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-====== How to send extra custom headers to backend server? ====== +~~REDIRECT>​litespeed_wiki:​lslb:​extra-header-to-backend-server~~
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-There are standard headers for Reverse Proxy HTTPS traffic, such as "X-Forwarded-For" and "X-Forwarded-Proto"​. LiteSpeed ADC adds these request headers as well in order to pass information to the origin backend web servers. Be careful when using these headers on the origin ​server, since they will contain more than one (comma-separated) value if the original request already contained one of these headers.  +
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-If you need to specify custom request headers to be added to the forwarded request, you can use configuration directive similar to Apache'​s mod_headers RequestHeader directive in the "Extra header"​ configuration field to add custom request headers. +
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