LiteSpeed Web ADC FAQ

Is this a solution which can work with a control panel?

Not yet, but we are working on it.

Is IP fail-over setup available on ADC?

Not yet, but we are working on it. HA WebADC will have IP fail-over set up via keepalived on Linux. If one ADC box is down, the other one will take over immediately. ADC has a keepalived manager in webAdmin. Shared IPs need to be configured via webAdmin. Fail-over works in the same way as keepalived.

If IPs exist on different interfaces, is that supported?

There should not be any problem with multiple NICs, as long as keepalived allows it.

Does Web ADC handle backend nodes data synchronization?

Data synchronization across backend nodes is not a responsibility of the ADC. ADC only takes care of its internal states. For backend nodes, you will need shared storage for files, and DB replication for databases. If DB HA is not required, you can set up multiple web nodes talking to one DB server.

Is ADC able to load balance MySQL?

For MySQL, ADC has Layer 4 mode. It is not Layer 7, hence it can not route traffic at a per-query level and it cannot split read/write.

Should rewrite rules for cache be made on ADC or on the underlying web server(s)?

If a rewrite rule is used to control cache behavior, it needs to be applied to the ADC. The ADC will work with our WordPress and Magento cache plugins, and will get the cache-control-related response headers set by the plugin.

Does ADC support mod_security rules?

Yes. The ModSec engine in LiteSpeed Web ADC is similar to the one in our web server.

Does WebADC support loading a subdirectory on a site from a separate source?

For example: -> load balance across 5 servers -> load from a separate IP (needs to preserve host headers, as the IP only responds to requests for

Yes. Just define a context for the subdirectory, assign to a different cluster.

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