How to use the persistent Perl CGI daemon?

LiteSpeed comes with a persistent Perl CGI daemon which can run perl CGI script without modification, just like mod_perl in Apache.

You need to configure it as a Fast CGI application, and then add a script handler for “pl” or whatever suffixes used for Perl scripts. The Perl CGI daemon is located at


As “lsperld.fpl” utilizes the Fast CGI interface, you need to install Perl Fast CGI module first. It is available at or through CPAN. The following command can be used to install through CPAN:

perl -MCPAN -e 'install FCGI'

In order to deal with increasing memory usage of a persistent process, number of requests that a Perl daemon can process is controlled by an environment variable FCGI_PERL_MAX_REQ, default is 500. For example: FCGI_PERL_MAX_REQ=1000.

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