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-====== Other External Applications (Ruby, Python, etc.) ====== 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​how_do_i_set_up_an_external_application|How Do I Set Up an External Application?​]]|Setting up LSWS to run with dynamic content| 
-====== Ruby (Rails/​Rack) ====== 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​Ruby_Rails_Easy|Ruby on Rails Easy Configuration]]|The easiest way to configure Rails application (LSWS v2.2 and above)| 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​Rails_Hosting|Rails Shared Hosting Configuration]]|Setup Rails application through user manageable configuration file in shared hosting environment | 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​Ruby_Rails_Mongrel|Ruby on Rails with Mongrel]]|Install How-To| 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​Capistrano|Capistrano]]|LiteSpeed,​ LSAPI, and Capistrano How-To| 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​Ruby_Debug|Debug a live Ruby process]]|How to inspect a live Ruby process| 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​Rails:​TroubleShoot|Rails trouble shooting]]|Steps to trouble shoot problem with a Rails application| 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​Rails:​memcache|Memcache]]|Tip about using Memcache with LSAPI| 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​Rails:​qucik_init|Speed Up Initialization]]|Tip about speeding up Rails initialization even more| 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​Ruby:​eruby|eRuby setup]]|How to setup eRuby under LSWS | 
-|[[litespeed:​wiki:​feature:​internal_redirect|Internal Redirect]]|For those seeking x-sendfile or x-accel-redirect feature. We show you how with LiteSpeed.| 
-====== Python ====== 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​python:​lswsgi|Python LSAPI]]|How to set up Python LSAPI| 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​python_fcgi|Python with FastCGI]]|How to install a FastCGI based Python application| 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​trac_fcgi_python|Trac SCM with FastCGI]]|How to install a Trac SCM project with FastCGI | 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​django_fcgi_python|Django web framework with FastCGI]]|How to deploy Django project with FastCGI | 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​django_ajp_wsgi|Django web framework with ajp-wsgi]]|How to deploy Django project with ajp | 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​python_ajp_wsgi|Apache mod_wsgi app in litespeed]]|How to run Apache mod_wsgi python app in litespeed | 
-====== Perl ====== 
-|[[http://​www.dev411.com/​wiki/​Installing_LiteSpeed_and_FastCGI_for_Catalyst|Catalyst MVC with FastCGI]]|How to install a the Catalyst Framework using FastCGI| 
-|[[apache_mod_perl_equivalent|Apache mod_Perl equivalent]]|How to use the persistent Perl CGI daemon?| 
-====== Java ====== 
-|[[litespeed_wiki:​how_do_i_set_up_a_servlet_engine_to_run_jsp|How Do I Set Up a Servlet Engine to Run JSP?]]|How to set up LSWS to work with JavaServer Pages| 
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