If you have ProcessGroup mode on, like a dynamic on-demand PHP-FPM pool. It is PHP opcode cache friendly when the ProcessGroup is not stopped due to idle.

You can increase the “Max idle” time to keep the ProcessGroup stay alive longer.

Remember, idle PHP processes will occupy system resources. there is a balance between speed and capacity/scalability, but it is up-to you.

How To Increase Max Idle Time

Method 1

Incrase the Max Idle Time in external app as screenshot.

If you do not see individual external app (since LSWS v5.3) , you can also set it in PHP tab

Method 2

Above setting will apply globally , to all vhost , which may not be a good idea if you are running on shared hosting server.

You can also use following directive in individual vhost's Apache configuration file to only increase idle time for that vhost.

<IfModule LiteSpeed>
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