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-It is avaliable starting ​PHP LiteSpeed SAPI 7.6. ''​clean shutdown'' ​means to clean up if PHP crash or abnormal exit. For example, sometimes PHP 5.x still has strange error due to internal corruption and manually killing ​PHP process ​will fix the problemNow you can use ''​LSAPI_CLEAN_SHUTDOWN''​ environment variable to let lsphp to automatically fix such abnormal crash issue. When set ''​LSAPI_CLEAN_SHUTDOWN=0''​, it disables ''​clean shutdown''; ​while set ''​ LSAPI_CLEAN_SHUTDOWN=1''​it enables ''​clean ​shutdown''​. For PHP 7.0+, it is set to ''​on'' ​by default; For lower versions ​than PHP 7.0, it is set to be ''​off'' ​by default.+Available as of PHP LSAPI v7.6. 
 +The ''​LSAPI_CLEAN_SHUTDOWN'' ​environment variable can be used to instruct LSPHP to automatically perform a clean shutdown. A clean shutdown refers to performing cleanup after a PHP crash or abnormal exit (such as manually killing ​the process). 
 +Setting ​''​LSAPI_CLEAN_SHUTDOWN=0'' ​will disable the clean shutdown ​feature ​while setting ​''​ LSAPI_CLEAN_SHUTDOWN=1'' ​will enable ​it. Clean shutdown is enabled ​by default ​for PHP versions 7.0+ and disabled ​by default ​for all prior versions.
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