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-~~REDIRECT>​litespeed_wiki:​plesk:​installation-12#​install_the_litespeed_plesk_extension~~+====== Manually Upload the Plesk Extension ====== 
 +1. Download the latest Plesk extension from [[https://​www.litespeedtech.com/​products/​litespeed-web-server/​control-panel-plugins/​download|our website]]. 
 +2. Open ''/​usr/​local/​psa/​admin/​conf/​panel.ini''​ for editing. If it doesn'​t exist, create it. 
 +3. Add the following content, and save the file: 
 +extensionUpload = true 
 +4. In Plesk, navigate to **Extensions > My Extensions**,​ as seen in the screenshot below. Click the **Upload Extension** button, and upload the package that was downloaded in step 1 
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