Plesk Mismatched PHP Configuration

In certain cases you may see that a PHP setting in the panel is not corresponding with the one you see on the phpinfo page. Typically this can happen with upload_max_filesize and post_max_size.

In this example, upload_max_filesize is set to 128M and post_max_size is set to 128M, but phpinfo shows 2M and 8M, respectively.

Also, the PHP version may not match the one you set in PHP settings. For example, the panel's PHP version is set to 7.3.5, but phpinfo shows 7.2.18.

LiteSpeed on Plesk requires the PHP handler to be set to FastCGI application. When it is set to FPM application, it may result in an inability to apply PHP settings. Setting the handler to FastCGI does not mean lower PHP performance when compared to PHP-FPM. LiteSpeed will load PHP with its own seamless, optimized LiteSpeed SAPI.

Log in to Plesk, navigate to the website's PHP settings page, set run PHP as to FastCGI application, and save.

Now check the phpinfo page again. The values should now match.

NOTE As of LSWS v5.3, with the introduction of PHP Detached Mode (which is the default), the application of the new configuration may be delayed. A new configuration only takes effect once lsphp is restarted. You will either need to wait for the lsphp process to time out and fork again, or you can manually kill it.

What if FastCGI is Not an Option?

If the FastCGI option is not shown, it may have been disabled.

Navigate to Tools & Settings > PHP Settings.

Click the grey dot in front of the handler to enable it.

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