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-Welcome to LiteSpeed'​s ​Wiki area.+====== ​Welcome to the LiteSpeed Wiki ====== 
 +LiteSpeed Web Server is an Apache-interchangeable,​ high performance,​ secure, easy-to-use web serverIt can handle thousands of concurrent connections with a small memory footprint. Its security features also make it much less vulnerable to various attacks. 
 +This wiki was created as a place to exchange tutorials and configuration tips for LiteSpeed products. Here, you will find easy how-to guides and answers to frequently asked questions. For explanations of what each LiteSpeed setting does, please refer to our [[http://​www.litespeedtech.com/​docs/​webserver|documentation]]. 
 +All users may create and edit content. To participate in the wiki, you must first create an account via our [[http://​www.litespeedtech.com/​support/​forum/​|Support Forum]]. You can also use your forum account to edit the wiki. 
 +You may also check [[https://​store.litespeedtech.com/​store/​knowledgebase.php|knowledgebase]] for common questions. 
 +===== Wiki Topics ===== 
 +Please choose from one of the following categories (topics that fit in multiple categories are posted multiple places):  
 +|[[litespeed_wiki:​litespeed-web-server-enterprise|LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise]]| 
 +|[[litespeed_wiki:​lslb|LiteSpeed Web ADC]]| 
 +|[[litespeed_wiki:​lsmcd|LiteSpeed Memcached]]| 
 +|[[litespeed_wiki:​cache|LiteSpeed Cache Plugins]]| 
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