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-====== Installing LiteSpeed Web Server with CustomBuild 2.0 ====== 
-Starting with CustomBuild 2.0 RC7, [[http://​forum.directadmin.com/​showthread.php?​t=44743|DirectAdmin'​s CustomBuild 2.0]] supports integration with LiteSpeed Web Server. This wiki will guide you through the steps to installing LSWS on a server using DirectAdmin with CustomBuild 2.0. 
-This wiki assumes that you already have a working server using DirectAdmin (version 1.45.2 and up), CustomBuild 2.0, and Apache. 
-===== Using the Command Line ===== 
-Using the command line, LSWS can be installed with the following commands: 
-  cd /​usr/​local/​directadmin/​custombuild 
-  ./build update 
-  ./build set webserver litespeed 
-  ./build set php1_mode lsphp 
-  ./build litespeed 
-  ./build php n 
-The commands above install LSWS with a trial license and build PHP for LSWS. 
-Now that LSWS is installed, follow the steps in the [[litespeed_wiki:​license:​activate_license|wiki on activating licenses]] to switch from the trial license to a purchased license. 
-  * CustomBuild 2.0 will always install the latest version of LSWS. 
-  * If you have an existing installation of LSWS, you will still need to run the above commands to see LSWS in CustomBuild and DirectAdmin'​s Service Manager. 
-===== Through the CustomBuild Plugin ===== 
-The [[http://​forum.directadmin.com/​showthread.php?​t=48989|CustomBuild Plugin]] is a GUI addition to CustomBuild. Use the following steps to install LSWS through the CustomBuild Plugin: 
-===== Using the LiteSpeed DirectAdmin Plugin with CustomBuild Integration ===== 
-The current [[http://​www.litespeedtech.com/​products/​control-panel-plugins/​directadmin-plugin|LiteSpeed DirectAdmin Plugin]] (version 1.0.6) was developed before CustomBuild 2.0 added LiteSpeed integration. It thus has a number of functionalities — like LSWS installation,​ building matching PHP, and restarting LSWS — that are redundant with CustomBuild. We recommend that, where possible, you use the integrated functionality instead of the LiteSpeed DirectAdmin Plugin. 
-==== Functionality Unique to the LiteSpeed DirectAdmin Plugin ==== 
-There is still some functionality that the LiteSpeed DirectAdmin Plugin version 1.0.6 has that CustomBuild 2.0 does not: 
-  - Run LSWS on a port offset: Run LSWS on ports other than 80 and 443 in order to test LSWS. 
-  - Portal to LSWS's configs: The LiteSpeed DirectAdmin Plugin has a link to LSWS's WebAdmin console. 
-  - License management: Start license migration and change the license registered to your server. 
-  - Downgrade LSWS version: CustomBuild 2.0 will always install the latest version of LSWS. 
-  - Uninstall LSWS: CustomBuild 2.0 allows you to install LSWS, but does not have an uninstall function. 
-We will be updating the LiteSpeed DirectAdmin Plugin to include only functionality that CustomBuild does not have (to prevent unpredictable results). 
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