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-====== The lsup Command ====== 
-The ''​lsup''​ command is a simple way to update LiteSpeed Web Server from the command line, allowing the possibility of upgrading hordes of LSWS installations with a single command. 
-===== Location ===== 
-The ''​lsup''​ command is located at ''​$SERVER_ROOT/​admin/​misc/​''​. For my installation of LSWS, the command was thus: 
-  /​usr/​local/​lsws/​admin/​misc/​ 
-===== Function ===== 
-Running the basic ''​lsup''​ command will automatically upgrade your installation of LiteSpeed Web Server to the latest release. There are also options for customizing the command listed below. 
-===== Options ===== 
-  * ''​-f'':​ If you already have the version to be installed, the basic ''​lsup''​ command will abort. The ''​-f''​ option forces ''​lsup''​ to install even if the version you have is the same version as the LSWS to be installed. This can be useful if there has been a change in the build since you upgraded, but a new build has not yet been released. 
-  * ''​-v'':​ You can control what version you install with the ''​-v''​ option followed by a version number. (For example: ''​./​ -v 4.2.2''​) This will allow you to downgrade to older versions if you run into a bug. Keep in mind, LiteSpeed only keeps the most recent few versions available. Much older versions are not available. 
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