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-====== Generating PHP Source Code ====== 
-Since version 4.3, PHP LSAPI has been capable of generating formatted PHP source code in HTML, allowing users to view the source code for these files through a web browser. ​ 
-===== Command line option ===== 
-You can set LSPHP to generate source code using the command line option -s. For example: 
-  $SERVER_ROOT/​fcgi-bin/​lsphp5 -s 
-===== Setting it up within the WebAdmin console ===== 
-If you add "​-s"​ at the end of the Command setting in the WebAdmin console (Configuration > External App > your external application > Command), that external application will now generate PHP source code in HTML for the files it reads. You can now set up a [[litespeed_wiki:​how_do_i_configure_lsws_for_php#​the_script_or_context_handler|script handler]] (WebAdmin console > Configuration > Script Handler) pointing to that external application,​ directing all files with a certain suffix ("​phpsc",​ for example) to the external application that will generate their source code. 
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