Shared Hosting Partners

  • simplehelix-small
  • crucial-small
  • hostforweb-small
  • hawkhost-small
  • interserver-small
  • alastyr-small
  • stablehost-small
  • medialayer
  • mddhosting-small
  • dewahost-small
  • interserver-small
  • simpleservers-small

LiteSpeed-powered shared hosting means greater performance and better stability. When you use a LiteSpeed shared hosting provider, you know that they care about finding the most advanced technology to give their users the best experience.

Data Center / VPS Partners

  • wiredtree-small
  • beyondhosting-small
  • idealhosting-small
  • vpsnet-small
  • gigenet-small
  • steadfast-small
  • knownhost
  • aspirationhosting-small
  • lnwservers-small
  • ventraip-small
  • rivalhost-small
  • mxhost-small

LiteSpeed Web Server on your VPS or dedicated server allows you to serve up to 10x more traffic without upgrading your hardware. LSWS is easy to install and maintain. See the speed, efficiency, and stability that is the LiteSpeed difference.