The FASTEST WordPress Stack

  • LiteSpeed Web Server

    LiteSpeed Web Server

    Fastest Built-in Cache

    Superior performance and accuracy with ESI-enabled server level caching.  

  • LSCache for WordPress

    LSCache for WordPress

    Intelligence + Optimization

    The best WordPress cache plugin with PageSpeed optimization.
    5-out-of-5 Stars!  


    Complete Acceleration

    A global CDN that caches ALL of WordPress, not just images and static content.  

LiteSpeed HTTP/3 solutions

HTTP/3 is available in LiteSpeed products across the board, with rock-solid stability and unbeatable performance.

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2020: lsquic by the Numbers

2020: lsquic by the Numbers

Jan 5th, 2021

The lsquic 2020 year in review: a snapshot by the numbers

Introducing DNS

Introducing DNS

Dec 7th, 2020 DNS provides better integration with our CDN, gets accurate geolocation for your visitors, and speeds up your site!

IETF 109 Recap

IETF 109 Recap

Nov 30th, 2020

For those who did not get to attend this virtual experience, LiteSpeed shares a thorough recap of the event.

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