Blazingly Fast, Easy to Manage

Fastest Server

LiteSpeed Web Server's highly-efficient, resource-light, event-driven implementation handily outperforms competing server platforms. Even in non-cached environments, our architecture delivers powerful advantages, significantly speeding up your sites.


Fastest Cache System

Add in LiteSpeed Cache Solutions, and see performance really take off. LiteSpeed Cache is built into LiteSpeed Web Server, and simple rewrite rules can be applied to just about any site to achieve measurably superior speed.


Fastest Cache Plugins

Application Specific Acceleration is available in our sophisticated, easy to use LSCache Plugins. With solutions available for Magento 1 & 2, WordPress, WooCommerce, XenForo, and more, LiteSpeed delivers truly astounding performance that will help your site attract followers.

Simple Management

Managing LiteSpeed installations is EASY. Our control panel plugins make for easy configuration and deployment, and allow for 1-click switching between legacy servers and LiteSpeed. Our plugins make managing the cache and selectively purging site contents a breeze.

Take us for a spin! Our free trial offer allows you to see for yourself how much better your site runs with LiteSpeed under the hood.

Even modest hosting plans Powered by LiteSpeed deliver BIG results, and LiteSpeed scales up should your needs grow.

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