Intelligent, Cost Effective, Cache-Accelerated HA Clusters

LiteSpeed Web ADC is designed to provide domain-name aware, cache-intelligent load balancing and cross-datacenter HA replication and failover.

LiteSpeed Web ADC vs. Traditional Load Balancers

Traditional HA / load balancing solutions employ multiple disjoint hardware and software platforms, incurring multiple CapEx and OpEx hits. Each system is configured and managed separately, contributing to complexity and overhead.

A typical setup uses a hardware layer 3-4 load balancer as a front end. In addition to the physical geolocation logistics involved in deploying the hardware, these balancers are neither domain-name aware nor cache replication friendly.

The load balancer usually feeds a protocol offloader (for handling SSL, HTTP/2, etc.), which in turn connects to a caching reverse proxy layer, which finally transacts (potentially via yet another load balancing layer) with the backend servers.

LiteSpeed Web ADC provides these capabilities and more - such as layer 7 domain-name aware intelligent balancing, cache aware replication, etc. - out of the box, in one cloud / virtual deployable, software-only solution.

web adc comparison

Cutting Edge Technology

At the heart of LiteSpeed Web ADC is our Edge Side Caching capability, providing both public and private (per user) flexible cache mechanisms that allow entire (cached) page assembly without backend access. Further enhanced by our HTTP/2 and QUIC functionality, and our SSL/TLS offloading capability, the flexible load balancing algorithm provides optimal performance and is configurable to match virtually every deployment.

Advanced Security

For enhanced security environments, LiteSpeed Web ADC is able to securely communicate with HTTPS backends, as well as to drop to faster HTTP connectivity when Edge Side encryption is sufficient. LiteSpeed Web ADC provides Web Application Firewall Protection (compatible with mod_security), with Layer-7 Anti-DDoS Filtering as well as IP level bandwidth and request rate throttling.


LiteSpeed Web ADC provides out-of-the box, real-time, asynchronous replication capability supporting deployment of High Availability servers even across data centers.

Replicating cached objects synchronizes web cache content, reducing cache misses in case of ADC failover. Load balancing session information replication ensures the same backend server mapping across ADC instances, and SSL session/ticket replication enables SSL session resumption via any LiteSpeed Web ADC instance.

Best-of-Breed Solution

High Scalability, High Availability IP failover, Cross Datacenter Replication, Cache Data Synchronization and out-of-the box acceleration for Magento, Wordpress and other popular packages round out the feature set to make LiteSpeed Web ADC the best-of-breed solution on the market.

Simple Management

The LiteSpeed Web ADC WebAdmin console provides a simple interface for managing configuration, restarting the server, monitoring cluster statistics, and managing High Availability features such as IP fail-over and replication.

Cost Effective

Our deploy-anywhere, software-only HA solution is dramatically more affordable than traditional deployments, and can be instantly migrated and scaled on demand.

Accelerate your internet now.