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How Can We Assist You?

LiteSpeed is a software company and does not host your site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Most Popular Questions

  • What should I know about LiteSpeed licenses?

    You must have a valid license in order to use LiteSpeed Web Server. LiteSpeed Cache (required for the use of our cache plugins) is included free in all of our current licenses and our 2-CPU+ legacy licenses, and is available as an add-on for all other legacy licenses.

    Licensing is flexible. If your business changes and you require more or less power from your LiteSpeed Web Server, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your license. If you no longer wish to use LiteSpeed Web Server, you may transfer or release your license.

    To learn more about LiteSpeed licenses, including how to handle license errors, please visit our wiki.

  • How can I improve my site’s performance?

    Improving your site’s performance is our mission. All of our products are made with this goal in mind. Learn more about how LiteSpeed Web Server and our cache solutions can deliver superior performance to your site.

  • Can I use LiteSpeed in a clustered environment?

    Take a look at LiteSpeed Web ADC. A 100% software solution, LiteSpeed Web ADC can run anywhere - private dedicated hardware, hosted environments, clouds, etc. Our flexible subscription model allows on-demand scaling to handle everyday traffic and seasonal spikes alike.

  • How do I install LSWS in my Linux environment?

    Our wiki contains detailed installation instructions for a variety of platforms: cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, CloudLinux, and more. See Installation.

  • How do I use LSWS on a cloud platform?

    LiteSpeed Web Server may be installed on Amazon Web Services or GoogleCloud.

  • Does LiteSpeed work with most of the common WAF rules?

    LiteSpeed works OWASP, Atomic, Comodo WAF (ModSecurity Rules). Learn More  

  • How do I set up LSCache?

    You will need to define a cache root and set your server’s cache policies. We have separate instructions for those who wish to use LSCache via a web app plugin, and those who will not be making use of one of our plugins.

  • Can you configure this for me?

    Absolutely. We offer immediate, specialized support from a core development team member. Web server installation, performance tuning, cache setup, anti-DDoS configuration, and more is available for purchase in our store.


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Our Premium Support Includes

Users in need of immediate, specialized support have the option of ordering our premium support.

Premium support gives you access to our experienced system administrators, many of whom are part of our core development team.

In our online store, we offer a number of premium support packages for installation, optimization, and personalized troubleshooting.

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