The Ultimate Hosting Platform Solution 2019-02-11 19:08:44 LiteSpeed Technologies focuses on providing highly optimized solutions tailored to provide top performance at low server loads in hosting environments.

The Ultimate Hosting Platform Solution

LiteSpeed Technologies focuses on providing highly optimized solutions tailored to provide top performance at low server loads in hosting environments.

TCO, ROI and LiteSpeed

  Hardware Utilization

When compared to Apache or NGINX, LiteSpeed Web Server delivers 2X-5X faster page load speeds at 98% lower server loads. This means you can host many more clients on the same hardware platform, reducing your overall hardware footprint with the resultant cost savings in CapEx and associated recurring costs.

Compare LiteSpeed, Apache, and Nginx

lsws whm plugin interface

 Simple Management

Managing LiteSpeed installations is EASY. As a drop-in Apache replacement, LiteSpeed Web Server reads your Apache config files and supports .htaccess files as well.

Our integrated control panel plugins make for easy configuration and deployment, and allow 1-click switching between your legacy Apache installation and LiteSpeed, as well as managing the cache and selectively

Cache control can be enabled per account, with single command server wide enable / disable, in addition to tag-based purging and automatic clean up.

 Customer Satisfaction

Customers want top-performing sites, but speeding up web sites in shared hosting is a non-trivial task. Many applications are not cache friendly, refresh and purge management can be complex, and caching the wrong items or delivering stale content yields negative consequences. LiteSpeed Cache Solutions are crafted to provide the best accelerated performance, even in shared hosting environments, using simple rewrite rules. Our LSCache Plugins for applications such as WordPress and Magento provide Application-Specific Acceleration that drives site performance to unparalleled levels vs. competing solutions.

5 stars customer satisfaction

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For large deployments, our Partner Program offers additional discounts for an even better value proposition – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.


LiteSpeed Solutions

We offer pricing levels for virtually any server size, and our products run superbly whether on your own hardware, in virtual space or on the cloud.

Our focus on efficiency and performance at LiteSpeed directly translates into results you can monetize. We've invested onsiderable effort in making the LiteSpeed family of solutions easy to install, configure and manage, eliminating complex interactions between disparate software packages and enabling simple, quick deployment and maintenance.

Our products are geared to maximize the return on your hardware investment and lower your operating costs, and our pricing is very competitive when compared to achieving similar capacity with hardware expansion.

Whether using our monthly plans, or our owned licenses with annual upgrade subscriptions, your servers’ raw handling capacity increases so significantly as to provide a substantial ROI. When adding our LiteSpeed Cache Solutions and our Application Specific Acceleration via LSCache Plugins, you gain the ability to offer superior, ultra competitive premium services to your customers.