Zero Downtime Server Management

Only LiteSpeed Web Server allows you to update your web server software with no downtime.

Graceful Restart

A graceful restart takes place in two steps:

  • A new generation of parent and child processes are spawned to take over service.
  • Processes from the older generation only exit once they have finished their tasks.

Connections currently being served are not interrupted and finish processing. New connections are served by the new processes generated with the restart. This allows you to restart and apply configuration changes with zero downtime.


Version Management

Your LSWS version can be easily controlled using the lsup command, our control panel plugins, or the Version Manager in the WebAdmin console.

LiteSpeed's version management works with our graceful restart feature to allow software updates with zero downtime. All other widely-used web servers require at least some downtime when they restart with a software update, but not LSWS!

With LiteSpeed on your production servers, there's never any need for downtime.

Accelerate your internet now.