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Reliable Protection from DDoS Attack

LiteSpeed provides protection via cutting-edge Anti-DDoS technology.
Stop attackers in their tracks and mitigate downtime before it happens.

Naturally Protected

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can bring a vulnerable server to its knees, but LiteSpeed's built-in anti-DDoS measures mitigate attacks before they become serious problems.

LiteSpeed's event-driven architecture allows it to handle significantly more traffic with far fewer resources. This alone allows your system to survive larger attacks than less scalable solutions do. This is especially important for very distributed attacks, where it is harder to isolate and block each attacker.

A scalable server provides a natural defense in such attacks, but it is not the only defense. LiteSpeed's software solutions employ a variety of cutting-edge technologies to keep your systems protected on multiple fronts.

A Better Way

LiteSpeed improves upon familiar security measures and makes them more flexible, more efficient, and more effective.

LiteSpeed's ModSecurity implementation provides complete protection without the high CPU load that is a problem for other servers.
Per-IP throttling takes advantage of LiteSpeed's event-driven model and stops attackers before they overrun your server.
SSL Renegotiation Protection caps the number of times a client can renegotiate SSL materials, closing the loophole of continuous generation.

LiteSpeed Web Server provides these anti-DDoS measures and more. With LiteSpeed, you can trust that your clients' sites will stay up and running even when under attack.

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