Products - Web Infrastructure Software 2024-06-21 17:30:15 LiteSpeed's web infrastructure software combines unbeatable performance and drop-in Apache compatibility, with pack full of cutting-edge features. Our most popular products include LiteSpeed Web Server, OpenLiteSpeed, Web ADC, Cache Plugins, Control Panel Plugins. Learn more!

LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server conserves resources without sacrificing performance, security, or compatibility. Replace Apache with LiteSpeed, and double your maximum capacity, eliminate the need for a 3rd party caching layer, and get support for cutting-edge technologies like HTTP/3 - all in 15 minutes with zero downtime!


Our Open Source web server is held to the same high standard as our Enterprise solution: OpenLiteSpeed is a high-performance, lightweight, open source HTTP server. Users are free to download, use, distribute, and modify OpenLiteSpeed and its source code in accordance with the precepts of the GPLv3 license.

LiteSpeed Web ADC

LiteSpeed Web ADC is an affordable, high-performance HTTP load balancer application. Feature-rich, secure, and efficient, it offers more flexibility than similarly-priced load balancing software. Web ADC is an excellent choice for small enterprises looking to scale their applications beyond one server.

Cache Plugins

Highly-customizable server-level caching solutions, LSCache plugins are designed to hyper-charge popular web apps with little to no configuration required. Turbo-charge popular web apps with minimal fuss, handle traffic spikes with ease, and precisely manage cache with powerful Smart Purge technology.

Due to popular demand, we have created a dedicated website for LiteSpeed Cache and its plugins!

LiteSpeed Cache Plugins for:

LiteSpeed Premium Services

LiteSpeed Technologies offers a range of support services designed to optimize and secure web environments. These services include installation and configuration of LiteSpeed Web Server, on-demand hourly support for troubleshooting and optimization, WordPress cache optimization, ongoing optimization for WordPress sites, DoS protection setup, LiteMage Cache setup for Magento stores, account merging and transfer, and blacklist removal. Each service is tailored to enhance performance, security, and reliability for web applications and servers.