LiteSpeed Web ADC Release Log 2024-04-03 20:40:07 LiteSpeed Web ADC is frequently updated with new features and bug fixes. This is a detailed list of changes, arranged by date and version number.

LiteSpeed Web ADC
Release Log

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LiteSpeed Web ADC is constantly updated with new features and bug fixes.

Web ADC 3.2.2(04-03-2024) New Features, Improvement & Bugfix

  • NEW FEATURE Add Chunked encoding support for proxying request body to backend.
  • NEW FEATURE Add cache vary on request header value, automatically vary on header 'X-Http-Method-Override'.
  • IMPROVEMENT Apply server level log rotation setting to Modsec audit log.
  • BUGFIX Minor bug fixes in HTTP/3 implementation.

Web ADC 3.2.1(02-27-2024) New Feature & Bugfixes

  • NEW FEATURE Add hCaptcha support for reCAPTCHA validation.
  • BUGFIX Address a crash related to SecRemoteRules handling.
  • BUGFIX Address a rare corner case causing HTTP/3 responses to hang.

Web ADC 3.2(12-04-2023) New Features, Improvements, Security & Bugfixes

  • NEW FEATURE Update HTTP/3 implementation to support QUICv2 protocol.
  • NEW FEATURE mod_security engine now has an option to use RE2 instead PCRE regex engine.
  • NEW FEATURE HEAD request caching.
  • IMPROVEMENT Add missing access log format following Apache spec.
  • IMPROVEMENT Add virtual host level max connections limit per IP.
  • SECURITY More strict request header validation.
  • BUGFIX Minior bug fixes to cache engine, mod_security engine, and request handling.

WHM WebADC ZeroConf 0.7.8(07-12-2023) Bug Fix

  • BUGFIX Try to apply config changes to all ADCs even if one fails.

WHM WebADC ZeroConf 0.7.7(05-25-2023) REFACTOR

  • REFACTOR Fix PHP warnings.

WHM WebADC ZeroConf 0.7.6(04-24-2023) Bug Fix

  • BUGFIX Fix a few PHP errors.

LiteSpeed Ingress Controller 0.2.4(04-06-2023) Bugfixes

  • BUGFIX Fix a memory violation when data is taken from cache and the server is quite busy.
  • BUGFIX Fix a memory leak processing SSL data.
  • BUGFIX Fix a small bug in handling multiple headers with the same name.

WHM WebADC ZeroConf 0.7.5(03-14-2023) Bug Fix

  • BUGFIX Did not properly handle multiple IPs in VHost config.

LiteSpeed Ingress Controller 0.2.3(01-17-2023) New Features, Update & Bugfixes

  • NEW FEATURE HTTP/3 support. To enable it you must specify in helm `--set options service.ports.http3=443,service.targetPorts.http3=443,containerPorts.http3=443`.
  • NEW FEATURE Gateway support extended feature in HTTPRoute, `spec.route.method` which supports matching HTTP method (GET, POST, etc.).
  • UPDATE Updated all code to operate correctly in the 0.6.0 beta environment.
  • BUGFIX Gateway URLRewrite is properly applied.
  • BUGFIX Detect when small change between selections results in incorrect worker applied.

LiteSpeed Ingress Controller 0.2.2(12-15-2022) New Feature & Update

  • NEW FEATURE Added support for a number of Gateway HttpRoute Extended Features including:
    • Matches: `Path`, `Type`: `RegularExpression` where PCRE compatible regular expressions are supported.
    • Filters:
      • `RequestRedirect`: New features include `Scheme`, `Hostname`, `Path`, `Port` and `StatusCode`. `Path` can specify a `Type` of `ReplaceFullPath` (an absolute path) or `ReplacePrefixMatch` (a path which will add subdirectories), either of which can include PCRE regular expression replacement strings.
      • `URLRewrite`: `Hostname` and `Path`. `Hostname` can include a port and `Path` can specify a `Type` of `ReplaceFullPath` (an absolute path) or `ReplacePrefixMatch` (a path which will add subdirectories).
  • UPDATE You can no longer use the released set of Gateway CRDs to run Gateway until the beta is released. The Litespeed Ingress Controller uses the latest beta definitions and should be installed using the `./` in the samples package and unloaded with `./`.

Web ADC 3.1.7(12-09-2022) New Features, Updates, Improvements & Bugfixes

  • NEW FEATURE Add reCAPTCHA trigger from mod_security via "verifycaptcha" environment variable.
  • NEW FEATURE Add reCAPTCHA verification timeout.
  • UPDATE Isolate ZeroConf cache roots per domain even if sharing the same directory.
  • UPDATE Increase BF limit to 10 after a successful reCAPTCHA solve to avoid cases where a low BF Limit could block access to the login page.
  • UPDATE Add type-specific cache tags for static content.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improve mod_security JSON audit log with more rule meta data.
  • IMPROVEMENT Reduce false positives for anti-ddos detection based on status code.
  • IMPROVEMENT Add "x-frame-options" header for recaptcha page.
  • BUGFIX Address HTTP/3 corner cases, memory leaks, and high CPU usage bugs.
  • BUGFIX Address a graceful restart bug in chroot environment.
  • BUGFIX Address broken bcrypt verification for HTTP authentication.
  • BUGFIX Address a corner case when handling chunk encoded data.
  • BUGFIX Address a corner case in async mod_security engine.
  • BUGFIX Address HTTP/2 hpack decoder corner cases.
  • BUGFIX Address ZeroConf not properly waiting for the whole request body which sometimes resulted in API failures.
  • BUGFIX Address an corner case where a request could be restarted while in the middle of processing.
  • BUGFIX Address a case where multiple ZeroConf load balancers with multiple backends could interfere with load balancer strategies.
  • BUGFIX Change SSL handshake timeout from request timeout value to 10 seconds to avoid hanging request issues.
  • BUGFIX Other fixes to improve overall server performance and stability.

LiteSpeed Ingress Controller 0.2.1(12-02-2022) Improvements & Bugfix

  • IMPROVEMENT Support detecting the load of the Gateway CRDs after the controller is loaded. However, Gateway CRDs should not be unloaded without unloading the controller.
  • IMPROVEMENT Additional changes for Kubernetes Gateway v1beta1.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a memory leak in normal operations.

LiteSpeed Ingress Controller 0.2.0(11-10-2022) New Feature & Bugfixes

  • NEW FEATURE Kubernetes Gateway API support. See for a full description of the feature.
  • BUGFIX Adjusted helm to allow proper deletion of configmaps.
  • BUGFIX Support either controller name or ingress class name as the ingress class name in annotations which addresses cert-manager issue.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug in priority management.

LiteSpeed Ingress Controller 0.1.30(09-30-2022) Bugfix

  • BUGFIX Merged in latest load balancer fixes to address licensing and a memory leak in HTTP/3.

LiteSpeed Ingress Controller 0.1.29(09-16-2022) Improvements

  • IMPROVEMENT Helm install includes support for auto-scaling.
  • IMPROVEMENT Caching is enabled by default.

LiteSpeed Ingress Controller 0.1.28(08-26-2022) Bugfixes

  • BUGFIX Fixed a deadlock bug which resulted in a delay in the implementation and activation of Ingress configuration updates.
  • BUGFIX Do not require an IngressClass specification for the default IngressClass to operate correctly.

LiteSpeed Ingress Controller 0.1.27(08-23-2022) Bugfixes

  • BUGFIX Proper support for multiple backends with different contexts for the same domain.
  • BUGFIX Support PathType ImplementationSpecific identically to PathPrefix to allow cert-manager to work correctly for automatic certificate verification.

LiteSpeed Ingress Controller 0.1.26(06-21-2022) New Features & Bugfix

  • NEW FEATURE New `prometheus-remote` Prometheus arguments which can be used to have Prometheus push stats to Grafana Cloud.
  • NEW FEATURE Removed all references to v1beta1 to support Kubernetes v1.22 and above.
  • BUGFIX Fixed helm deployment.

LiteSpeed Ingress Controller 0.1.25(06-17-2022) New Features & Bugfixes

  • NEW FEATURE There is now a built-in Prometheus metrics exporter. Must be enabled by the Ingress Controller argument `enable-metrics` to be activated. Prometheus can be installed on the service pod as well using the argument `install-prometheus`.
  • NEW FEATURE Ingress Controller argument `--run-before-lb='commands'` can specify any number of commands that will be run before the load balancer starts.
  • NEW FEATURE New Ingress Controller argument `config-service-port` can be used to expose the config port without the use of helm configuration.
  • BUGFIX Licensing documented and functions correctly.
  • BUGFIX Correctly apply secrets even for secrets missing a name.
  • BUGFIX Correctly apply command line `lslb-config-map-prefix`

LiteSpeed Ingress Controller 0.1.24(05-24-2022) New Feature & Bugfixes

  • NEW FEATURE Added regular expressions to advanced deployments with the new annotation ``
  • BUGFIX For an advanced deployment, if you specify the same host twice, it will correctly use the first one rather than generate an incorrect ZeroConf definition.
  • BUGFIX If you change the definition, the replaced definition will be not cached for new session use, though existing ones will still finish correctly.

LiteSpeed Ingress Controller 0.1.23(05-19-2022) New Feature & Bugfixes

  • NEW FEATURE Red/Blue and Canary deployments using annotations.
  • BUGFIX context_list is properly passed in ZeroConf between Go program and load balancer resulting in contexts now working correctly.
  • BUGFIX A missing exact context entry is now correctly added into contexts.
  • BUGFIX Use and document vhostPerDomain correctly.

Web ADC 3.1.6(05-11-2022) Security, Improvement & Bugfixes

  • SECURITY Address a crash and memory leak in HTTP/3 implementation. current PCI scan.
  • IMPROVEMENT Better cache storage cleanup up for purged pages.
  • BUGFIX Avoid sending multiple cookie headers in proxy requests to backend.
  • BUGFIX Block request header "transfer-encoding: chunked" for HTTP/2 and HTTP/3.
  • BUGFIX Better cache vary support for static content.
  • BUGFIX Address a few random crashes.

LiteSpeed Ingress Controller 0.1.22(05-06-2022) New Features & Bugfix

  • NEW FEATURE WebAdmin interface is now available including Real-Time Stats and template WebADC configuration. Template support provides availability to the Web Application Firewall.
  • NEW FEATURE Optional support for configuration port in helm definition (service.ports.config).
  • BUGFIX Reduce restarts within health checks.

LiteSpeed Ingress Controller 0.1.21(04-15-2022) New Feature & Bugfix

  • NEW FEATURE Support both Nginx and generic Rewrite annotations.
  • BUGFIX Correctly support multiple domains for a SSL certificate.

Web ADC 3.1.5(02-24-2022) New Features & Imporvements

  • NEW FEATURE Add "Failover" load balancing strategy.
  • IMPROVEMENT Add new configuration option to control cache vary for static content.
  • IMPROVEMENT Better stale cache purge handling.
  • IMPROVEMENT Auto whitelist and Jetpack IPs.
  • IMPROVEMENT Better backend ping control.
  • IMPROVEMENT Detect bot attacks by bad status code.

WHM WebADC ZeroConf 0.7.4(01-18-2022) Refactor

  • REFACTOR Remove dependency on Scalar::Util::Numeric.

WHM WebADC ZeroConf 0.7.3(11-15-2021) Bugfix

  • BUGFIX Use Cpanel::Binaries::path if available.

Web ADC 3.1.3(11-12-2021) New Features, Imporvements & Bugfixes

  • NEW FEATURE Websocket passthrough to backend cluster.
  • NEW FEATURE Add websocket proxy target support for rewrite rules.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improve HTTP/2 upload throughput.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improve HTTP/3 upload throughput.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improve HTTP/3 DPLPMTUD support.
  • BUGFIX Address HTTP/3 handshake failures.
  • BUGFIX Address an HTTP/1.1 request body chunk encoding corner case.
  • BUGFIX Throttle unnecessary lscache purges generated by LSCWP.
  • BUGFIX Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

WHM WebADC ZeroConf 0.7.2(09-24-2021) New Feature and Update

  • NEW FEATURE Add ability to configure max conns for each backend.
  • UPDATE Add support for NAT mode.

Web ADC 3.1.2(09-21-2021) Imporvement & Bugfixes

  • IMPROVEMENT Make max_conn configurable at vhost level through ZeroConf API.
  • BUGFIX Address a few issues with asynchronous mod_security engine.
  • BUGFIX Improve load balancing algorithm to distribute load evenly among backends.
  • BUGFIX Properly handle POST requests without "Content-Length" header in HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 streams.
  • BUGFIX Address a few issues with handling for HTTP/3 backends.
  • BUGFIX Cache engine should no longer purge again when serving a cached page with purge headers.
  • BUGFIX Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Web ADC 3.1.1(07-08-2021) Bugfixes

  • BUGFIX Address a chrome HTTP/3 connection timeout issue for long running scripts.
  • BUGFIX Address a random crash with asynchronous mod_security engine.
  • BUGFIX Resolve a problem with purging by URL.
  • BUGFIX Address a crash when handling decoded HTTP/2 headers.
  • BUGFIX Detect dead HTTP/2 connections during server cooldown.
  • BUGFIX Improve request/response header name validation to avoid HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 protocol violations.
  • BUGFIX Minor tweaks to HTTP/3 protocol.

Web ADC 3.1(06-07-2021) New Features

  • NEW FEATURE HTTP/3 v1 support with with DPLPMTUD, Adaptive congestion control, Delayed ACK, and zero-copy packetization.
  • NEW FEATURE Asynchronous mod_security engine.
  • NEW FEATURE Cache engine POST request caching capability.
  • NEW FEATURE Support for secure websocket backends (wss://).
  • NEW FEATURE ModSecurity JSON audit log.
  • NEW FEATURE ModSecurity scan response body support.
  • NEW FEATURE ModSecurity persistent collection SHM storage.
  • NEW FEATURE Server level header manipulation.

Web ADC 3.0.3(03-11-2021) Tuning and Bug Fixes

  • TUNING Add LB configurations and ping interval config for ZeroConf.
  • TUNING Increase cache object size limit from 10MB to 100MB.
  • TUNING Log reason for reCAPTCHA trigger.
  • BUGFIX Update lsquic to v2.29 with improved HTTP/3 performance and stability.
  • BUGFIX Purge By URL no longer interferes with Purge by Tag with a leading '/'.
  • BUGFIX Address random blank cached page caused by conditional fetching of stale cache from backend.
  • BUGFIX Address content corruption for ESI includes.
  • BUGFIX Use THROTTLE as the default mode for WordPress brute force protection.
  • BUGFIX Follow connection close response header for HTTP/1.1 proxy connections.

Web ADC 3.0.2(02-09-2021) Bug Fixes

  • BUGFIX Update lsquic to v2.27 with improved HTTP/3 performance and stability.
  • BUGFIX Improve WordPress brute force protection with reCAPTCHA.
  • BUGFIX Address hanging caused by HTTP/1.1 chunk encoding.
  • BUGFIX Correct truncated response body due to ESI + HTTP/2.
  • BUGFIX Improve ESI parser to handle improperly escaped ESI directives.
  • BUGFIX TLS session ticket timeout now defaults to 1 hour.
  • BUGFIX Access logging delay is avoided when AIO logging is enabled.
  • BUGFIX Mod_security @rx operator is able to scan multi-line input now.
  • BUGFIX $VH_DOMAIN in vhost template configuration is now supported.
  • BUGFIX ADDRESS A few minor memory leaks.

Web ADC 3.0.1(10-29-2020) New Features, Improvement and Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Enable ESI combine request for WordPress cache.
  • NEW FEATURE Add option to purge cache based on disk space.
  • NEW FEATURE Add support for using "X-Real-ip" header for client IP.
  • IMPROVEMENT Cache engine now forwards vary value to backend.
  • BUGFIX Address various slow memory leaks.
  • BUGFIX Address various issues in IETF QUIC (HTTP/3) implementation.
  • BUGFIX Address various issues in HTTP/2 implementation.
  • BUGFIX Address various issues in HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 client connections to backend.
  • BUGFIX Release unneeded resource for firewall controller process.

Web ADC 3.0(06-30-2020) New Features, Tuning, Improvement and Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Support for HTTP/3 drafts 27,28, and 29.
  • NEW FEATURE POST request caching support.
  • NEW FEATURE End to end HTTP/1, HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 load balancing.
  • NEW FEATURE New configuration options 'bindIpv6Only', 'reverseDnsLookup', 'verifyGoogleBot', 'forceSecureCookie', 'purgeNoHitTimeout', and 'sslDefaultCiphers'.
  • TUNING Complete rewrite of HTTP/2 engine with more efficient header handling when routing requests using HTTP/2 and HTTP/3.
  • IMPROVEMENT reCAPTCHA handling now avoids hijacking backend server initiated verification.
  • BUGFIX Address bugs in various modules (mod_secuirty, SHM, cache, ESI, and ZeroConf).

Web ADC 3.0 RC3(06-22-2020) New Features and Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE HTTP/3 draft 29 support.
  • NEW FEATURE POST request caching support.
  • NEW FEATURE "Use Client IP in Header" setting can now be set to use the last IP listed in the X-Forwarded-For header. (for servers behind AWS ELB)
  • BUGFIX Correct a SHM memory allocation issue.
  • BUGFIX Invisible reCAPTCHA now works properly with IE 11 browser.

Web ADC 3.0 RC2(06-09-2020) New Feature, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Add support for HTTP/3 draft 28.
  • IMPROVEMENT Enhance HTTP/2 performance.
  • IMPROVEMENT Enhance cache engine purge by URL implementation.
  • BUGFIX Squash some minor proxy header handling bugs.
  • BUGFIX Prevent output corruption by ESI engine.
  • BUGFIX No longer force cache revalidation when caching a static entry.

Web ADC 3.0 RC1(05-22-2020) Major New Features, Major Improvements, and Bug Fixes

  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE Added support for HTTP/2 proxy backend.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new configuration options 'bindIpv6Only', 'reverseDnsLookup', 'verifyGoogleBot', 'forceSecureCookie', 'purgeNoHitTimeout', and 'sslDefaultCiphers'.
  • MAJOR IMPROVEMENT Refactored and optimized to HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 engines.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved automatic cache storage cleanup.
  • BUGFIX Fixed repeated refreshing in cache stale refresh logic.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a cache response by MIME type bug.
  • BUGFIX Fixed various minor bugs in mod_security engine.
  • BUGFIX Fixed minor bugs in HTTP/3 engine.

WHM Web ADC ZeroConf 0.7(05-20-2020) New Feature and Update

  • NEW FEATURE Add Cluster IPs for server-wide and per-domain cluster configurations.
  • UPDATE Add hooks for SSL installation and cPanel addon/sub/parked domains.

Web ADC 2.7(03-30-2020) New Features and Update

  • NEW FEATURE Made mod_security engine fully asynchronous.
  • NEW FEATURE Added support for transparent proxies.
  • UPDATE Updated HTTP/3 support to h3-27.

Web ADC 2.6.1(03-25-2020) New Features, Securities,Tuning, Bugfixes

  • NEW FEATURE Support QUIC/HTTP3 versions up to Q050, h3-25, h3-27
  • NEW FEATURE set X_SPDY environment for IETF QUIC connection.
  • NEW FEATURE allow using cluster name in PROXY target URL. It has a higher priority than proxy worker.
  • NEW FEATURE allow rewrite rule to update Proxy-Host without using PROXY action.
  • SECURITY Improve access security for Web Admin. current PCI scan.
  • SECURITY Disable TLS 1.1 for the default setting. current PCI scan.
  • TUNING Set RBL DNS cache to 60 seconds.
  • BUGFIX Fix a bug where Quic Client connections did not work with multiple backends.
  • BUGFIX Fix bugs that could cause the Mod Security engine to hang.
  • BUGFIX Fix bugs in the ModSecurity configuration parser.
  • BUGFIX Tune various Mod Security variables to be more accurate.
  • BUGFIX Fix bugs in query string decoding.
  • BUGFIX Fix memory leak in Replication logic.
  • BUGFIX Fix a bug that caused Font files to not be cached.
  • BUGFIX Fix a bug in the ESI handler that caused the ESI requests to hang.

WHM Web ADC ZeroConf 0.6(01-07-2020) Bugfix

  • BUGFIX Switch to use Cpanel::Binaries::get_binary_location.

Web ADC 2.6(10-24-2019) New Feature, Improvement

  • NEW FEATURE Updated HTTP/3 with draft 23 support.
  • NEW FEATURE Added BBR congestion control for HTTP/3, QUIC.
  • NEW FEATURE Added HTTP/3 and QUIC proxy client for HTTPS proxy backends.
  • IMPROVEMENT HTTP/2 performance improvements.
  • IMPROVEMENT Asynchronous mod_security offloading with multi-threading.

WHM Web ADC ZeroConf 0.5(08-21-2019) New Feature & Bugfix

  • NEW FEATURE Add logic to check for VHost Templates within configurations.
  • BUGFIX Early builds of cPanel 82 has the URL::Encode module missing. Change to use the Encode core module instead.

Web ADC 2.5.1(08-15-2019) Security, New Feature, Improvement & BugFix

  • SECURITY Addressed recent HTTP/2 DoS advisories. Fixed CVE-2019-9516 "0-Length Headers Leak" vulnerability. Completely blocks unaffected attacks: CVE-2019-9511 "Data Dribble", CVE-2019-9512 "Ping Flood", CVE-2019-9513 "Resource Loop", CVE-2019-9514 "Reset Flood", CVE-2019-9515 "Settings Flood", CVE-2019-9517 "Internal Data Buffering", and CVE-2019-9518 "Empty Frames Flood".
  • NEW FEATURE Updated HTTP/3 support to Internet Draft 22.
  • IMPROVEMENT reCAPTCHA engine has been improved to reduce false positives.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a regression that affected the handling of HEAD requests.

Web ADC 2.5(07-30-2019) New Features, & Improvements

  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE Added support for experimental HTTP/3 draft 20.
  • NEW FEATURE HTTPS handshake offloading improves HTTPS handshake speed and avoids clogging the server's main event loop.
  • NEW FEATURE SO_REUSEPORT support improves multi-worker scalability for high traffic deployments.
  • NEW FEATURE HTTPS certificate compression reduces the size of HTTPS handshake exchange data.
  • NEW FEATURE Added support for Q046 in QUIC engine.
  • NEW FEATURE Added smart anti-DDoS protection for attacks targeting QUIC UDP port.
  • IMPROVEMENT More reliable HA replication.
  • IMPROVEMENT Bug fixes and enhancement to ZeroConf API.

WHM Web ADC ZeroConf(01-07-2019) New Features

  • NEW FEATURE Introduce Force Update SSL - forces Web ADC to update to new SSL certificates.

Web ADC 2.4(01-03-2019) New Features, Major Improvements, & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE QUIC 044 support.
  • NEW FEATURE QUIC proxy backend support for backend communication through QUIC.
  • NEW FEATURE New load balancing strategy: LB_ST_FASTER_RESP.
  • NEW FEATURE Recaptcha verification for DDoS attack mitigation.
  • NEW FEATURE Intelligent Botnet detection and blocking through firewall.
  • MAJOR IMPROVEMENT HTTP/2 performance has been improved with a better header compression/decompression work flow.
  • BUGFIX All bug fixes from ADC v2.3 incremental builds included.

Web ADC 2.3(08-09-2018)Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE Added dynamic BROTLI compression.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved QUIC engine with Google QUIC v43 support, improved performance.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved HA/Replication support.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved ZeroConf support.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved cache engine with automatically static assets caching and updating.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added MaxmindDB support.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved HTTP/2 performance.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added TLSv1.3 draft 28 support.

Web ADC 2.2(05-09-2018)Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Easy cluster management with ZeroConfig API and cPanel integration.
  • IMPROVEMENT QUIC engine has been improved with better performance and scalability.
  • IMPROVEMENT PageSpeed support has been improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT mod_security engine has been improved with better performance and compatibility.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug that sometimes caused IPv6 listeners to be unable to restart.

Web ADC 2.1.3(03-02-2018)Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • IMPROVEMENT Improved QUIC engine performance and download speeds.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug that caused a file descriptor leak in the cache engine.
  • BUGFIX Fixed an SHM corruption bug.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug that caused a file descriptor leak when SecRemoteRule was used.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug that sometimes caused IPv6 listeners to be unable to restart.

Web ADC 2.1.2(12-21-2017)Feature enhancements

  • NEW FEATURE Improved cache engine with capability to selectively drop certain query string value pairs.
  • NEW FEATURE Built-in WordPress brute force protection.
  • NEW FEATURE Added capability to modify response headers through context level configuration.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved QUIC engine performance.

Web ADC 2.1(7-11-2017)Major Feature enhancements

  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE Added QUIC support, compatible with Q035, Q037.
  • NEW FEATURE Switched from OpenSSL to BoringSSL with TLSv1.3 support.
  • NEW FEATURE Added TCP_FASTOPN support.
  • NEW FEATURE The ZeroConfig API supports direct, automated thirdparty management of Web ADC configuration.
  • NEW FEATURE Added support for IP2Location to convert IP to geographic location.
  • NEW FEATURE Added support for SecRemoteRules and improved performance of mod_security engine.

Web ADC 2.1RC1(6-13-2017)Major Feature enhancements

  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE Added QUIC support, compatible with Q035, Q037.
  • NEW FEATURE Switched from OpenSSL to BoringSSL with TLSv13 support.
  • NEW FEATURE Added TCP_FASTOPN support.

Web ADC 2.0.2(2-1-2017) Major Feature enhancements, Security updates, Bug Fixes

  • SECURITY Removed DES-CBC3-SHA from default cipher suite to avoid failing current PCI scan.
  • SECURITY Upgrade bundled OpenSSL library to 1.0.2k.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved mod_security log messages to use variable values.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug in SHM hash table that caused data corruption and infinite looping.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug in cache object replication that caused long delays for graceful restart.
  • BUGFIX Minor bug fixes in HTTP/2, the ESI cache engine, and the mod_security engine.

Web ADC 2.0.1(11-10-2016)Major Feature enhancements, Bug Fixes

  • MAJOR IMPROVEMENT Improved LiteMage first page load speed for new visitors by avoiding going through the backend.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved cache purging capability: private cache entries can now be purged with public tags and multiple cache purge response headers are accepted.
  • BUGFIX Improved server stability with minor bug fixes.

Web ADC 2.0(06-22-2016)Feature enhancements

  • Added PageSpeed support
  • Added Magento LiteMage support
  • Improved cache engine
  • Improved server stability
  • Upgraded bundled OpenSSL to 1.0.2h

Web ADC 2.0RC3(01-29-2016)Feature enhancements

  • Improved WebAdmin real-time statistics.
  • Improved HA replication.
  • Improved stateful session tracking.
  • Improved server stability.
  • Upgraded bundled OpenSSL to 1.0.2f.

Web ADC 2.0RC2(11-19-2015)Feature enhancements and minor Bug Fixes

  • Improvements to session data replication.
  • Improvements to mod_security engine.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Web ADC 2.0RC1(10-14-2015)Major Feature enhancements

  • Added HTTP/2 support.
  • Added High Availablity support through integration with Keepalived/CARP and session data replication.
  • Added Page Cache support.
  • Updated ModSecurity engine to support @rbl and @inspectfile operators.
  • Added Multi-worker processes support with shared internal states to take advantage of multi-CPU/core SMP servers.
  • Added shared SSL session cache and SSL ticket synchronization.
  • Added Multi-Certificate support to use RSA, DSA, and ECC certificates for the same domain.
  • Added SSL SNI mass hosting configuration.

Web ADC 1.8(10-16-2014)Security patch and Feature enhancements

  • Upgraded OpenSSL to 1.0.1j to address vulnerabilities in 1.0.1i.
  • SSLv3 turned off by default for HTTPS virtual hosts.
  • Added support for TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2.
  • Ended Solaris, FreeBSD 4/5, and Mac OSX support.

Web ADC 1.7(1-8-2010)Feature enhancements and minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in WebAdmin console that cannot save certain configuration.
  • Show blocked IP in WebAdmin console.
  • Linked against OpenSSL to 0.9.8l.
  • Added TCP_CORK to minimize packet segmentations.

Web ADC 1.6(1-28-2009)Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that causes HEAD request take long time to finish.
  • Pass through 'deflate' response body.

Web ADC 1.5(12-10-2008)Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that causes server process to crash when one of the backend node failed to respond to ping request.
  • Blank response header from backend server will be ignored.

Web ADC 1.4(10-1-2008)Feature enhancements and minor Bug Fixes

  • IP to geo location feature has been updated to match new changes in Apache mod_geoip.
  • Special care has been added to handle 1xx response from proxied back-end web servers.
  • Fixed a bug that cause Web ADC not to reload license key after the key being updated.

Web ADC 1.3(6-30-2008)Minor Bug Fixes

  • A bug that affects updating monthly lease license key has been fixed.
  • A bug in request filter has been fixed.

Web ADC 1.2(5-19-2008)Feature enhancements and minor Bug Fixes

  • Automated license management has been added.
  • Minor bug fixes in the HTTP engine core.

Web ADC 1.1(12-17-2007)Feature enhancements and minor Bug Fixes

  • Various bug has been fixed in the core HTTP engine.
  • network throughput has been fine tuned.
  • Many new features from the web server branch has been added.

Web ADC 1.0(6-4-2007)Initial Public Release