OpenLiteSpeed Free and Open Source Web Server 2019-08-16 20:33:27 High-performance, lightweight, open source HTTP server developed by LiteSpeed Technologies. Download, use, distribute, and modify OpenLiteSpeed under GPLv3.


Fewer processes, less overhead, more connections, and enormous scalability, with no hardware upgrade required!

Add the popular LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin, and you get a 100% open source, accelerated hosting platform for WordPress.

Open Source

OpenLiteSpeed is the Open Source edition of LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise.

Both servers are actively developed and maintained by the same team, and are held to the same high-quality coding standard.

OpenLiteSpeed contains all of the essential features found in LiteSpeed Enterprise, and represents our commitment to support the Open Source community.

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Why Use OpenLiteSpeed?

OpenLiteSpeed combines speed, security, scalability, optimization and simplicity in one friendly open-source package.

Download OpenLiteSpeed today, and see what it can do for your sites!

  •  Event-Driven Architecture

    Fewer processes, less overhead, and enormous scalability. Keep your existing hardware.

  •  Upgrade from Apache

    OpenLiteSpeed is mod_rewrite compatible, so you can continue to use your current rewrite rules.

  •  Friendly Admin Interfaces

    OLS comes with a built-in WebAdmin GUI. Control panel support is available with CyberPanel.

  •  Built for Speed and Security

    Features Anti-DDoS connection and bandwidth throttling, ModSecurity v3 integration, and more.

  •  Intelligent Cache Acceleration

    Built-in full-page cache module is highly-customizable and efficient for an exceptional user experience.

  •  PageSpeed Optimization

    Automatically implement Google's PageSpeed optimization system with the mod_pagespeed module.

  •  PHP LiteSpeed SAPI

    Native SAPI for PHP allows external applications written in PHP to run up to 50% faster.

  •  One-Click Installation

    Install OpenLiteSpeed, MariaDB and WordPress on various operating systems with just one click.

  •  WordPress Acceleration

    Experience a measurable performance boost with OpenLiteSpeed and LSCache for WordPress.


Download, use, distribute and modify OpenLiteSpeed freely under GPLv3.

Want to use OpenLiteSpeed in a proprietary product? Contact us about obtaining an OEM license.




See the maximized performance you can get from your current hardware, just by switching to OpenLiteSpeed!

We compare OpenLiteSpeed against other web servers in a series of benchmarks designed to measure server response time, communication time with PHP, WordPress acceleration, and more.

Install OpenLiteSpeed

Whether you use our one-click options, or take advantage of CyberPanel support, installation of OpenLiteSpeed is easy.