Comparison of LiteSpeed Web Server Editions


  • Large, high-traffic sites
  • No hosting control panel compatibility
  • Apache-compatible rewrite rules
  • Access to cutting edge features
  • Unlimited worker processes
  • Third-party API hooks
  • Built-in page caching

Open source and free for personal and commercial uses

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LSWS Enterprise

  • Large, high-traffic sites
  • Hosting control panel compatible
  • Fully Apache compatible
  • Supported by cPanel and integrated into DirectAdmin
  • Highest level of stability
  • Ideal for shared hosting providers
  • Number of worker processes based on license
  • Page caching available

Choosing a License

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LiteSpeed Tech professional staff provides free support to LSWS customers through our forum and free support to OpenLiteSpeed community through our Google Group.

Detailed feature comparison

Open Enterprise
Basic Features
HTTP 1.0/1.1 compliant Yes Yes
HTTP/2 support Yes Yes
Languages: PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, JSP, etc.. Yes Yes
SAPIs: LiteSpeed API, CGI, FCGI, AJPv13, Proxy Yes Yes
IPv4 and IPv6 Yes Yes
Unlimited IP and name-based virtual hosting Yes Yes
GZIP compression Yes Yes
SPDY2/3, WebSocket Yes Yes
Runs on Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX, Solaris Yes Yes
Apache Compatibility
Apache mod_rewrite rules Yes Yes
Apache mod_security rules Yes
Reads Apache's configuration files directly Yes
Hosting control panel compatible Yes
Full .htaccess support Yes
Performance & Scalability
Event-Driven Architecture Yes Yes
Concurrent connections Unlimited Unlimited*
Tiny memory footprint Yes Yes
Sendfile() Yes Yes
LiteSpeed's exclusive server API (LSAPI) Yes Yes
Separation of server and web applications Yes Yes
SPDY Support Yes Yes
PageSpeed Support Yes Yes
QUIC Support Yes
Advanced .htaccess caching Yes
Built-in page caching Yes Yes*
ESI support Yes
Asynchronous I/O support Yes
CloudLinux compatibility Yes
Anti-DDoS connection and bandwidth throttling Yes Yes
Anti SSL BEAST and negotiation attack capabilities Yes Yes
Strict HTTP request validation Yes Yes
Denies buffer-overrun attempts Yes Yes
mod_security compatibility Yes
SSL client verification Yes Yes
SSL hardware acceleration Yes Yes
CloudLinux CageFS compatibility Yes
chroot ability Yes
High Availability
Apply changes with zero downtime Yes Yes
Zero downtime server software upgrade Yes Yes
Recovers from service failure instantly Yes Yes
Ease of Use
Intuitive WebAdmin console GUI Yes Yes
Virtual host templates for easy configuration Yes Yes
Real-time service monitoring Yes Yes
Version management Yes
Hosting control panel plugins Yes
Supported by cPanel Yes
Integrated into DirectAdmin Yes
Advanced Features
Easily run multiple versions of PHP on one server Yes Yes
mp4/flv streaming Yes Yes
Stream logs to external logger Yes Yes
MS FrontPage Server Extensions Yes
Geo-IP lookup Yes Yes
Rails shared hosting Yes
Custom log formatting Yes Yes

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