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PHP LSAPI Overview

PHP LiteSpeed SAPI has been developed to push PHP performance to next level, giving LiteSpeed Web Server better PHP performance than any other popular web server.


PHP LSAPI's optimized coding and use of native LiteSpeed configurations makes LSWS + LSAPI the fastest way to serve PHP:


  • PHP LSAPI fully supports suEXEC mode, a necessity for shared hosting.
  • PHP LSAPI allows you to jail a PHP process with chroot.


  • Change PHP configurations via web server configuration or .htaccess files.
  • Run multiple versions of PHP at once and easily customize which files or virtual hosts use which version.

Shared Hosting Right for You

PHP LSAPI is the best way to run PHP. You're missing out if you're using anything else.

(PHP is automatically configured with LSAPI if you compile PHP using our control panel plugins or the Build PHP utility in the WebAdmin console.)