How to Choose the Perfect License for LiteSpeed Web Server 2018-12-10 17:22:56 LiteSpeed Enterprise has 8 different licenses to choose from, serving everyone from the low-end hobbyist with a single site to large hosting providers with thousands of clients. Learn more.

Choosing A License

Web Host or Site Owner? Leased License or Owned? Unlimited Domains, or Just One?
There's a LiteSpeed Web Server license to fit any situation. Let us help you find yours.

License Domain Limit Workers RAM Limit
FREE Starter 1 1 2 GB
Site Owner 5 1 8 GB
Site Owner Plus 5 1 Unlimited
Web Host Lite Unlimited 1 8 GB
Web Host Essential Unlimited 1 Unlimited
Web Host Professional Unlimited 2 Unlimited
Web Host Enterprise Unlimited 4 Unlimited
Web Host Elite Unlimited Configurable Unlimited

LiteSpeed Enterprise has 8 different licenses to choose from, serving everyone from the low-end hobbyist with a single site, to large hosting providers handling thousands of clients.

Domain Limit

The domain limit only refers to top-level domains. Subdomains are unlimited. Add-on domains, providing they are not configured with their own virtual hosts, also do not count toward the limit. Any domains that exceed the specified limit will result in a 403 error.


The number of workers in the license description indicates how many LiteSpeed processes will be spawned.

RAM Limit

A server can have any amount of RAM up to the RAM limit for that license type. LSWS will share this RAM with all other processes like normal.


Cache Add-on Applications Supported LSCache Objects Magento Objects
LSCache WordPress, Xenforo, Rewrite Rules, etc. Unlimited 0
LiteMage Starter Everything LSCache supports + Magento Unlimited 1,500 (?)
LiteMage Standard Everything LSCache supports + Magento Unlimited 25,000 (?)
LiteMage Unlimited Everything LSCache supports + Magento Unlimited Unlimited (?)

LSCache is included free of charge with all licenses. Starting with the Site Owner license and higher, LiteMage Starter is selectable at no charge.

There are multiple caching add-ons available for LiteSpeed Enterprise Licenses. These caching solutions greatly reduce the need to serve dynamic pages, and in return greatly reduce system resource usage. If not already included, caching can be added to a LiteSpeed Enterprise license at any time.


Owned License

A one time payment with one year of free LiteSpeed Enterprise upgrades included. If there is a need to upgrade LiteSpeed Enterprise to a newer version after this one year period, future upgrades can be purchased at a discounted price.

Leased License

Smaller monthly/yearly payments with the ability to upgrade LiteSpeed Enterprise any time at no additional cost.

Some Factors To Consider

Have you tried a trial license

We offer free 15-day trial licenses. These licenses are Web Host Profressional licenses with LiteMage Unlimited. Using a trial license may be a good way to figure out if LSWS is right for you and what type of license and cache solution you may need.

You can always upgrade or downgrade

Often, finding exactly the right license for your usage is a matter of trial and error. Different sites put pressure on different parts of the server. The best approach may be to purchase a license, then try upgrading or downgrading to see if it affects your service noticeably. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time and you will only be charged (or credited) the difference in the license cost for the remainder of the billing period.

What other processes are running on the same server

For example, if you have a 4 core server and run LSWS, PHP, and MySQL on the same server, you will probably be best served by a Web Host Essential or Professional license. LSWS is light enough that it only needs access to 1 or 2 of this server's cores. PHP and MySQL (which are much more resource intensive than LSWS) will be unaffected by this limit and will still have access to all 4 of the server's cores.

When to upgrade

A top command will reveal important information about how different processes are using server resources. (LSWS's process is called lshttpd.) A couple of these outputs are useful for determining if the current LSWS installation could benefit from access to more cores:

  • %CPU - Generally LSWS's CPU usage is low. If LSWS's CPU usage starts climbing, and especially if it climbs while the overall load is low, it can indicate that LSWS is hitting a bottleneck and would benefit from access to more cores.
  • %wa - High I/O wait can also be an indicator that LSWS needs more worker processes (and thus access to more cores).

If the %CPU or %wa values are very high, it is best to upgrade to the next license tier. Keep in mind that we allow upgrading/downgrading licenses at any time with no downtime.

LiteMage Starter and Standard both have limits on the number of cached objects they can store. To figure out if a higher tier of LiteMage is needed, check the current Cached Object count located under Cache Management in the Magento Admin Panel. If the total is either 1500 ( LiteMage Starter ) or 25,000 ( LiteMage Standard ), it is recommended to upgrade to the next LiteMage tier to support caching more/all pages.